11 Thoughts Every Girl Has When She Hits The Gym

If you're a fitness fanatic, you will definitely relate to the issues that come with staying in shape. Check out the 11 thoughts every fit girl has when hitting the gym and tag a friend who understands the very real struggles: #1 "I hate this outfit" cute workout gear It looked so cute when you laid it out on your bed for an Insta pic, but you now realize it's too tight/loose/chafey and you'd do anything to change it. #2 "Is feeling 'the burn' supposed to feel like jogging through hell fire?" burning calories                   Either you're turning into a calorie torching machine, or you've actually over-worked out to the point where your muscles have caught fire. #3 "Ok yoga, change my life any day now." yoga health benefits Just chilling here in child's pose, waiting for that magical yoga moment when you become one with the earth... #4 "Can I just do nothing?" netflix binge Those days when you wish calories burned themselves! #5 "What should I eat after this?" cheeseburger cheat meal You've full-on convinced yourself that a double cheeseburger is a worthy reward for all these miles you've run and weights you've lifted. #6 "Why are those dude's shorts shorter than mine?" workout problems You really didn't need to see that much of him... #7 "I thought I was looking hot until I came across ALL THE MIRRORS." funny meme On the elliptical just giving 'er, thinking that you're so pulling off that glistening with sweat glow. Suddenly, you catch a glimpse in the mirror and see your hair is stuck to your chin and you're subtly pulling off the slightly nauseous look. #8 "These yoga pants do wonders for my booty." booty squats butt exercises Yep, go on and take a few behind the scenes workout selfies. Your butt is looking Sir Mix A Lot approved. #9 "Why are so many in-shape people here? Just to show off?" fit girl Nothing makes you feel worse about your bod than a tight and toned fit girl beside you just hitting the weights for fun. #10 "Ew, sweat is everywhere." gym problems The nasty realization that the seat you just sat on in your short shorts is soaked in someone else's butt sweat. #11 "Don't fart, don't fart, don't fart." yogi flexibility The inner mantra of every yoga class. Share your worst gym moments and funny experiences with us! Source: Distractify    

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