11 Ways To Look & Feel Great Naked!

Getting naked - you either love it or hate it, but let's be honest - most of us worry about whether we look good naked! Contrary to what magazines tell us, you don't have to look like a Victoria's Secret model to look great in the buff - even if you don't have the body you'd like to have right now you can still look and feel great when you strip off. Some of these tips are an instant way to look and feel better naked, and some of them are more long-term solutions: 1. Fake it 'til you make it
The most important tip of all.......I'm not talking about fake tan - although that will come in later (if you want it); I mean confidence. There's nothing worse when getting naked than feeling - and looking - like you have no confidence. So what if you don't look like that woman in the magazine, or if you can't afford the ridiculously expensive lingerie everyone seems to assume every woman owns - if you act confident you will seem confident! Don't draw attention to your insecurities; just enjoy the moment and exude confidence, and nobody will be able to tell that it's an act. Chances are that after a few minutes of faking confidence you will actually build your confidence anyway because you'll start to relax. 2. Fit in a workout
Obviously I don't mean that you should start doing squats and press ups while naked - unless that's your thing! I mean fit in a workout a few hours before the big event - if you are able to plan it anyway. I'm sorry to ruin your hopes but this isn't because a workout will instantly tone up your body, it's because of the endorphin rush you get. Have you noticed how amazing you feel after a workout? Like you could take on the world! So imagine the endorphin rush while naked - you'll be so 'high' that you really won't care about stripping off! 3. Dry brush / exfoliate
A great way to make your skin look and feel better (particularly if you are going to be applying fake tan) is to exfoliate and/or dry brush. Both of these remove dead skin cells so keep your skin fresh, and, although it won't happen overnight, they also both help to lessen the appearance of cellulite. Dry brush before your shower every day for a few weeks and you will see the difference! 4. Wax / epilate / shave
Sorry to those of you who are following the 'no shaving trend' that's popular right now, but I personally don't feel good unless I've removed the hair from my legs and underarms, and *ahem* tidied up 'down there'. Knowing that your legs feel smooth and touchable will really help you to relax as you won't flinch each time your partner touches you. Always wax at least 24 hours before any big event though, otherwise you'll be stuck with some unattractive waxing rash - which definitely won't help you to feel more confident! 5. Tan
This is optional - I used to be a self-confessed tanning addict, and although I don't go near it anymore, many women do, so I couldn't leave it off this list. I have to admit - it does make you feel more confident because we all know that a tan helps to give the illusion that your body is slimmer and more toned. It also covers a lot of flaws. If you are going to apply fake tan then I'd advise doing it at least 24 hours beforehand so that you've had time to let it develop and get rinsed off - and most importantly, settle down. 6. Moisturise
Whether you choose to wear fake tan or not, it's essential to moisturise. Moisturiser not only gives your skin the nourishment it needs, but if you choose the right one - a shimmer lotion - it also gives your body a deliciously subtle glow. Nobody wants dry skin to be the focus when they're naked! So buy some shimmer lotion moisturiser and give your skin a treat. 7. Eat clean and drink plenty of water
This isn't a quick fix, but if you regularly follow a clean healthy lifestyle and stay hydrated then your skin and body will be in much better condition - both inside and out. Try to avoid junk food or processed food, as well as excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption. 8. Sort out your posture
This is an instant fix - yay! Take a look in the mirror standing sideways, now pull your shoulders back so that your back is perfectly straight and your chest sticks out a little. Then hold your chin up high - not too high, but looking straight ahead of you. Now, holding that position, look in the mirror again - see the difference? It's huge! So many of us have terrible posture, but just by adjusting the way we stand and sit, we can appear to knock pounds off our bodies, as well as giving ourselves a much better shape! Focus on trying not to slouch, and it will soon become second nature to hold great posture. 9. Pop on some heels
Admittedly wearing high heels affects your posture, but they also make your legs and butt look amazing! If you feel comfortable in heels then wear them for the big event and be comfortable in the knowledge that they're giving you the appearance of sleek long legs. You also walk in a much more seductive way in heels - so make the most of that! 10. Get naked more often
This obviously doesn't mean that you should roam the streets in the buff! I'm not saying that's a good idea - if you are someone who is only naked while you're in the shower then try spending a little more time in the house without your clothes on. Don't shy away from the mirror - learn to love who you are. Don't focus on what you hate about yourself - look at what you love. Build your confidence for getting naked in front of someone by spending more time alone naked...just remember to wrap up if the doorbell rings! 11. Stop stressing
Although I've written this article with the assumption that your reason for getting naked is for a partner, it could be for visiting a nudist beach, or any number of things. Either way, stop stressing about it. I've given you some tips to make you look and feel better naked, but worrying about it is going to stop you from enjoying the experience. Relax.  


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