11 Ways To Wake Up Thinner

Wake up thinner than the night before, and no it’s not a dream, just 11 solid health tips to fight overnight bloat: wake up thinner
  1. Eat your daily fibre – the fibre found in fruits, veggies, and whole grains will help with the digestive processes and reduce bloat.
  2. Drink water – if you’re body feels dehydrated it will retain water, so you wake up feeling bloated. Make sure to get 8-10 glasses to feel fully hydrated.
  3. Just dance – both the amazingly fun wii game, and the action in general, dancing is a great way to burn calories without thinking about it. Of course, almost any exercise in general will help you wake up thinner than the day before.
  4. Lower your sodium intake – salt will make you retain water, and is the number one culprit when it comes to bloating in general. Cut the salt to wake up thinner.
  5. Avoid late night snacks – eat a balanced dinner to combat those late night cravings. Also try to realize when you’re hungry and when you’re just bored, as a lot of snacking occurs because of boredom rather than actual hunger.
  6. Wear fitted pajamas – this one I hadn’t thought of before, but it’s true, if your jammies are big and loose it gives you room to gain weight. If your pajamas are getting snug it’s time to reassess and wake up with renewed motivation.
  7. Think positive – a happy and positive mindset can work absolute wonders, giving you motivation and energy to achieve your goals and go to bed happy.
  8. Avoid certain foods – to be less vague, there are certain bloat causing culprits, which include: wheat bread, bran, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, artichokes, and asparagus. I wouldn’t cut these out of your diet entirely because they have other good health benefits, but if you notice excessive bloating then try cutting these foods down or out of your diet and see if you can notice a difference.
  9. No more soda – carbonation and sugar make more than the beverage bubble up, cut out the soda to cut out the belly bloat.
  10. Slow down – not only will this improve digestion, but you’ll enjoy your food more, and probably feel fuller faster than if you shovelled your meal down, which means consuming less calories.
  11. Hold the spice – herbs and spices are great ways to add flavour to a dish, but hot spices can trigger stomach acid to release, which will result in bloating.
A lot of these are general health tips, but there are a few that zone in on a magical (not so magical) overnight process that your body performs. This also gets at a great point for maintaining a healthy lifestyle: it’s one day at a time, slow and steady, if you get off track then tomorrow is another day and you can go back to these basic health guidelines to wake up thinner the next day.    


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