11 Weeks and Counting

So after taking an (unwelcomed) 7 week break from the iron, I was finally able to get back in with a fresh new start at my new training facility this week!
I can't even describe how good it feel to be back into the gym. If you're a regular, even taking a week off can give you some serious set backs. I will have to admit, my first day back was a little discouraging. I was barely able to lift half the weight I was before with little to no energy by the end of the workout.For those of you who follow #NPC and #IFBB competitions, you know that the North Americans is being held this weekend. The #NorthAmericans is National Competition for bodybuilders, who place top of their class earn their Pro Card and become a member of the IFBB. I had the opportunity to compete in the North Americans last year, where unfortunately due to lack of timing I had to scratch and was unable to compete the 2nd half of the show.The great thing about these shows is having the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. I met two absolutely amazing competitors who within this past year received their Pro Cards and I couldn't be any more excited for them! Mary Stockbridge, who is the absolutely sweetest and caring person you'll ever meet earned her Pro Card earlier this year at the Jr Nationals. And a huge congrats to the new IFBB Pro Natalie Graziano who earned her card this weekend in
I chose to take this past year off competing and I am ready more than ever to get back into it full force and earn my own spot in the IFBB! I am motivated more than ever and excited to hit that stage. I know it's going to take a lot of work to get back to where I was, but when I have my goals set and the only person that can take that away is me. I have an amazing trainer and the best group of girls that anyone could ask for! #TeamMFit!

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