11 Weird (and Informative) Facts About Body Hair

We wax it, shave and laser it off without a second thought - unless it's winter and those legs stay hidden, in which case, let it be free! (I'm only mildly joking...) So many of us seem so adamant about not having any extra hair anywhere - other than the luscious locks on our head - that we wonder why we were even cursed with it in the first place! So, without wasting any more of your precious shaving time, here are some interesting facts about the fuzzy stuff.

Body Hair Doesn't Live As Long As Head Hair

Your body hair lifespan is only 6 months long

Your Body Hair Has Muscles

As freaky leaky as that sounds,  your body hair has muscle cells (it's what makes them stand on end)

Body Hair is Tied to Intelligence.

A 1996 study showed the more body hair you have, the more intelligent you are. Think of it as a trade-off for all the extra shaving you have to do.

We Will Have 3 Types Of Hair In Our Lifespan

Terminal hair is long and thick (like beard hair, pubic hair, and armpit hair)  Vellus hair is finer (like soft arm hair) and Infant hair is a totally different kind of body hair called lanugo (which we lose not long after we are born)

Pubic Hair Is Why We Stink, Generally

Every terminal hair has it's own sebaceous gland. These glands are responsible for producing sweat and protecting against germs. The trade off? They also create body odor.

Pubic Hair Redeems Itself

Despite it's ability to make us stink, it's also responsible for sending out hormones that attract the opposite sex. Your body hair can actually wick away hormones and send them towards potential mates. Sexy.

Body Hair Regulates Your Temperature

It can retain heat when we're cold and wick away sweat when we're too hot.

You Can Shed Up to 150 Hairs a Day

The average for most people is around 100.

Hair Colour Can Be Indicative of Genetic Disorders

Obviously this isn't true across the board, but studies have shown blonde women tend to have more estrogen including a higher percentage of learning disabilities and macular degeneration, brunettes are more likely to get addicted to smoking, redheads are more susceptible to pain and people who are bald might die earlier.

We Have Little Creatures That Live in Our Eyelashes

They're mites called demodex and about half of all people have them. They're harmless in most cases, however in extreme circumstances, they can cause itching and inflammation.

Your Hair Can Contain Gold

Don't start cutting it off to sell just yet - there's only trace amounts.

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