12 Day Love Yourself Challenge!

While drinking my morning coffee this morning and playing a bit of catch-up I came across a “12 day LOVE YOURSELF Challenge” on www.buzzfeed.com. Coming from a background of major self-confidence issues and people pleasing this really struck home and I think is a very worthwhile challenge. Mental strength and health is just as, if not more, important than physical.  Easier said than done a lot of the time as the mental game is changing your entire outlook on life and upon yourself. I can honestly say it took me well over 10 years to get out of the self-destructive rut I was in – always thinking I was not good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, pretty enough – the list goes on. But it is doable and I think that while this 12 day challenge obviously will not completely adjust your mental health it is a fabulous starting point! It may seem silly at first, but what’s there to lose!   Day 1 – Smile in the mirror Not a fake, cheesy, posing for a picture smile. A genuine, authentic smile – you are wonderful and worth that smile!   Day 2 – Smile at others Smile at others all day, you need not know them. Seeing them respond back with a smile will make your day much brighter and as well as theirs. It’s contagious.   Day 3 – Compliment yourself Rather than focusing on the negative (like we all occasionally tend to do) – focus on your amazing attributes.  For example: My butt is BANGING. I love my cute nose. I love the color and smoothness of my skin. My dimples are so damn cute.   Day 4 – Write something nice about yourself Writing it down will help you remember it – and don’t be shy – hang it somewhere where you can see it and be reminded of your greatness … because you are!   Day 5 – Do something that makes you happy And smile while doing it – you don’t have to explain this to anyone.  Whether its sitting down with a warm cup of coffee and watching Teen Mom (yes I love it – and I am not afraid to say it!), dancing and singing around the house in your underwear, going to see a live band by yourself – just do it and have  a blast!   Day 6 – Be proud of yourself Every day you do something amazing, we just tend not to focus on these things. So starting today congratulate yourself for accomplishments, whether big or small. Landed that new client at work – CONGRATS! Didn’t hit the snooze button but got up on time – CONGRATS!   Day 7 – Reward yourself for being fantastic Give yourself a little reward for being FAB! Been craving that fro-yo – go get it (extra toppings please).  Get a massage – awesome! Buy yourself a new pair of shoes or dress…do it! As a shopping addict my boyfriend will love to hear I have another excuse to BUY MORE STUFF – but hey its Day 7 and I am fantastic – so I gotta!   Day 8 – Don’t compare yourself to others You are who you are for a reason – and you are amazing. Don’t let this just be for Day 8, but for life!   Day 9 – Compliment others We all know how great it is to get a compliment, so why not give one out and brighten someone’s day (as well as your own when you see their reaction)   Day 10 – Give yourself a pat on the back You accomplish so much every day – little things or big things. Pat yourself on the back for it!   Day 11 – Create and recite a mantra Create a personal mantra and say it to yourself every morning as well as throughout the day when you need it most. This grounds you and inspires you to realize your worth!   Having problems coming up with one – check this out http://www.ehow.com/how_2205528_own-personal-mantra.html   Day 12 – TURN OFF YOUR CELLPHONE You chose for how long (30 minutes, a day, sleeping does not count!). This will let you focus on YOU not on others, not on work, not on what’s going on in social media, etc. While this seems scary with how dependent we are on phone’s these days,  this may be one of the best thing you can do for yourself!   Featured Image Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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