12 Days of Christmas Workout Challenge - Day #2: Spartan HIIT Run

Today is the day to kill it with the cardio workouts, so it's time to find your favorite workout and kick yourself into high gear. Here is a great HIIT cardio workout to do: the Spartan HIIT Run!

Spartan HIIT Run

Here's how to do the Spartan HIIT Run:
  • Full-on sprint for 30 seconds
  • Jog for 90 to 120 seconds
Repeat this cycle until you have run for a mile, then take a break to do 50 crunches. Continue on your HIIT run, repeating the sprint-jog cycle for another mile, then take a break to do 40 crunches. Repeat the cycle of HIIT running for another mile, then finish with 30 crunches. Walk a mile to reach your home. This will serve as your cool-down, allowing you time to stretch your back, legs, and abs--the muscles you've worked hard today.   Finish with a nice stretching session at home, paying special attention to your legs. Your muscles are going to be tight, so stretch them up to prevent soreness the next day!


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