12 Days of Christmas Workout Challenge - Day #9: 100s Cardio Workout

You've hit your body hard for the last few days, so today is a day to focus on your cardio rather than your muscles. Don't worry: your muscles will be protesting after today's workout, but the focus of today's workout is on breathing hard! The workout involves: 50 Burpees 50 Mountain Climbers 100 Lateral Jumps This is going to be a very brutal cardio workout, and you're going to feel every muscle in your body once you are done! Try to finish the workout in under 30 minutes.


Don't bother with the push-up, but focus on jumping your feet backward and forward. Do as many burpees as you can in 2 minutes, and do as few 2-minute sets as possible.

Mountain Climbers

Keep that back straight and your butt low, and bring those knees all the way to your chest. Do as many mountain climbers as you can before tiring, and try to complete the workout in as few sets as possible.

Lateral Jumps

You don't need to leap very high, but just make sure to jump far enough to cross the mid-line. Do sets of 2-minutes, focusing on form rather than speed.   Finish off with a soak in your favorite hot tub, sauna, or swimming pool! You've earned it.   Featured Image Source:  

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