12 Days of Pre-Christmas Workouts--Day #12:  The Wanderer Challenge

This is a crazy workout that has absolutely no direction, but it's a bit of fun to see if you can complete it! The workout is simple: Use every piece of equipment in the gym for at least one set of 12 to 15 reps. Every machine--cable machines, smith press, curling station, etc.--should be used, and you should do one rep of each exercise on the machine (if machines have multiple exercise options). The people in the gym may look at you a bit oddly, but you're going to be hitting every muscle in your body effectively. You may not do many reps, but you've been pushing your body so hard for the last 11 days that this is the "finisher". The dumbbell rack counts as one "piece of equipment", but you will undoubtedly use dumbbells on the many benches around the gym. Make it a point to use every piece of equipment, and finish off with 5 to 10 minutes on every type of cardio machine in the gym--elliptical machine, treadmill, cycle, rowing machine, etc. Don't have time to hiit the gym? You've got your body weight. You've got your BodyRock equipment. Nows the time to learn some new ways to use that equalizer!   Congratulations! You've completed the 12 Days of Christmas workout challenge, and you're ready to enjoy that Christmas feast. Happy dining!    

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