12 Days of Christmas Workout Challenge - Day #4: HIIT Elliptical Cardio

Seeing as Day 5 will be leg day, you shouldn't take it too hard with your cardio workout today. Your goal is to push your cardiovascular system, but without straining your leg muscles. After all, tomorrow will be your leg day, so the last thing you want is to tire out your legs before you work them hard! The HIIT Cardio workout below will help you train hard on the elliptical machine--the perfect leg-friendly option!

HIIT Elliptical Cardio

Set the machine at a flat incline, and program is to run for 25 minutes. Spend the first 5 minutes warming up, taking it at a slow pace. Take your time and get warm, feeling the blood flow through your body. When you hit the 5-minute mark, it's time to get your heart beating! Move as fast as you can for 30 seconds, pedaling furiously! After 30 seconds, slow to a complete stop and start pedaling backward. Pedal for 90 seconds, before turning up the intensity for another 30 seconds--pedaling forward for the fast-paced portion. Repeat until you reach 25 minutes.   Featured Image Source:  

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