12 Foods You've Been Peeling And Cutting The Wrong Way

Sometimes when you choose to make a really great meal, you know there will be work to do. You could skip the hassle and go out to eat or you could employ some of these tricks to make cutting and peeling your food easy as can be.

1. Kiwi fruit

Believe it or not, not everyone knows this super kiwi tool: a spoon. Cut it in half and scoop it out. Even if you aren't snacking on it and using it as an ingredient, this is an effective way to peel a kiwi. 7025cd93-032f-4f5e-b732-638a107de4f8

2. Watermelon

Watermelon is a great treat in the summer but it can be messy. Here is the solution to juice running down your chin. https://youtu.be/BG6EIV4kjrU

3. Mango

If you can easily work your way around the seed, this is a really great way to peel it. ec174a3c-ae72-45bc-94b2-d755eea71416

4. Round Cake

This method for cutting a round cake has been around for over 100 years. This method will keep your cake nice and moist even if you leave it for a few days! https://youtu.be/wBU9N35ZHIw

5. Avocado

Cut in half from top to bottom, take out the pit and scoop with a spoon. Easy as pie. c53e7851-f252-4c1d-b1c3-19d9a80879a3


6. Tomatoes

The number one thing to remember is to be careful with the knife. That being said, check out this hack: https://youtu.be/AbUF-VlOySg

7. Carrots

Do you peel your veggies top down and into a bag? Who can blame you, it sure saves the mess. But try this method to save yourself lots of time! This method is still faster, even when you factor in the sweeping. https://youtu.be/XycmTVcmV2k

8. Limes

If you are cutting a lime in order to juice it, this tip is for you. Instructions here. 701ca3a4-1b30-44c1-b3a7-a58499154bb1

9. Mandarin Oranges

This will blow your mind! c390abcc-ca6f-41b8-b438-1295be94dedc

10. Bananas

If you've been going stem down, you've been giving yourself extra stringy bits. Follow the monkey method and go bottom up. https://youtu.be/nBJV56WUDng

11. Pomegranates

Believe it or not, there is a graceful way to do this! Cut the top, score the sides and you're set. 529b112d-53fb-468f-994a-ea558a00d2dd

12. Onion

Here are some step by step instructions for dicing onions! 31750f18-eeef-4869-a3b1-398d280107b4 We just saved you a boat load of time. You're welcome! What are your favourite slice and dice hacks? Share them with us! Source: Diply


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