12 Lazy Girl Hacks For Getting Fit

You can't help but be a little envious when you scroll through Instagram and see all of those fit girls showing off their sculpted figures on the beach. It could partly be because you wish you were on vacation, or partly because you long to have a ripped, toned body that wows in a bikini. Getting fit doesn't have to be a challenge. Even the ultimate lazy girl can pull it off with minimal effort. Here's how!

#1 Workout While You Lather

Stand with feet hip-width apart in the shower and slowly come up to your toes so your heels are off the floor. Hold this position for as long as possible, then release and repeat as you scrub and soap. This is an easy no-brainer for squeezing in some exercise while you do your daily routine.

#2 Balance As You Brush

“Stand on one leg for 30 seconds at a time then change to the other leg. As the balance improves this can be done with the eyes closed as this helps improve the joint position sense which helps reduce lower limb injuries.” explains Dr. Geoff Davies, sports physician. This daily routine will strengthen your core and tone your legs so you can get bikini-ready quickly. [bctt tweet="12 Lazy Girl Hacks For Getting Fit"] (Get the individual weights here!)

#3 Tea and Tricep Toning

Always making a morning tea? Why not splice in some exercise while you wait for the kettle to boil? Waiting for the kettle is the perfect amount of time for doing some serious arm workouts to prevent the dreaded bat-wing in your later years. Lift your arms high while palms remain facing up, then lower your arms gently. Try to do this at least 100 times or until that kettle boils. Afterwards, you'll be able to enjoy a nice glass of green tea, which helps your body maintain a healthy weight.

#4 Get Walking

Stop waiting around for the bus every morning and try walking to work! Put on your best pair of running shoes and burn some serious calories as you head to work. Walking ignites your metabolism and is an easy way to keep your body moving. Walking to a destination will keep you motivated, and you may even find yourself voluntarily walking everywhere.

#5 Hit The Stairs

Don't squeeze yourself into a stuffy elevator. It's time to tackle the ever-daunting stairs! A few flights of stairs can get your heart rate elevated and even burn calories. It can also make you more energized and focused (an asset at work!).

#6 Vacuum Your Way To A Toned Butt

Adding lunges to your vacuuming routine will give you surprising results! You have to clean the floors anyway, why not get creative? “Lunges can be performed quite simply while vacuuming too. This exercise targets the gluteus muscle group (gluteus maximus – the main bottom muscle, gluteus minimus and medius – lateral hip muscles). Lunges are when you step forward or backwards with your feet, hips and shoulders pointing forward to work the gluteus maximus.” says Dr. Davies. inpost

#7 Get Active When Cleaning

Scrubbing the floors? Dusting? Doing the dishes? There are a multitude of ways to get active and burn calories simply by cleaning up the house. Turn on some music that gets you dancing and have fun with it! Many aspects of cleaning already give you a workout, so simply amp it up!

#8 Shape Up At The Grocery Store

Park far back in the lot so you have to walk a distance to get to the store. Opt for pushing a cart and carry things with your hands, instead. While waiting in line, stretch your calves to improve function and reduce risk of injury. You can also use that heavy bag of flour as a weight!

#9 Tone Biceps At Your Desk

Place your palm upward and flat underneath the desk with your arm belt at the elbow. Next, push up and relax. Continually doing this will help build up significant arm muscle while you do your job. Try this for a week and you'll notice a difference! inpost3

#10 Take Time To Play

Have little ones? Spend time with them by joining in on their activities! Play tag, soccer, basketball, hide and seek or hopscotch. By doing so, you'll not only make memories, but you'll crush some serious calories and sculpt your bod.

#11 Get Off The Couch

Make the most out of watching your favourite shows by working out while you do it. Stretch, run in place and do weight lifting while you catch the latest Grey's Anatomy or binge-watch Orange Is The New Black. Swap the sofa for an exercise ball and bounce around to stabilize your core. Remember, swap junk food snacks for fresh veggies and wholesome almonds while you watch.

#12 Garden

Gardening is a great way to grow your own organic produce, but did you know that you can torch some serious calories while doing it? Lugging around a big watering can strengthens your muscles and mowing the lawn for 30 minutes burns 300 calories. Share your tips for losing weight with us! Try these hacks and let us know how they worked for you! Source: Wales Online

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