12 Life Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Life can be stressful, there is no doubt about it. But, when you sit down and think about it, an awful lot of the time we are stressing out about silly little things that actually have simple solutions. So, take a deep breath and read through the following list of hacks that can simplify everything from your beauty routine to your everyday life!

1. Use your flat iron as an iron

82d8ca88-742c-4817-8b07-386d3009424f Why not do two things at once?

2. Stop your bra from showing

f32fba0d-f421-4cbb-b4dc-9921a9621242 Sew in a little clasp and wear your favourite shirt with ease!

3. Clear-coat your rings

5b96c4d0-60d1-46df-8d4c-135c8b0cd0f7 Keep your fingers from turning green by painting the inside of your cheap (but fabulous) rings with clear nail polish.

4. Smart packing

a92bdf32-4528-4b5a-9ead-39b63ac5bd83 Putting your shoes in a shower cap helps your clothes stay clean while tucked away in your suitcase.

5. Stuck nail polish bottles?

1e99404f-df9a-431b-9731-810faff7036e For extra grip, tie a rubber band around the top.

6. Curl your hair with a flat iron

7e4e9460-15ff-4e52-a885-8791d162d1dc Twist your hair around the iron for natural looking, loose curls. [bctt tweet="12 Life Hacks Every Woman Should Know"]

7. Tuck non-skinny jeans into boots

0a98e8b8-f850-4d0c-a4f3-17b6e5618d68 A little folding and a boot sock and even the widest flare will fit!

8. Tame fly-aways with a dryer sheet

1a494d5d-ba53-4598-9fd1-72a0fb0dbec9 A great grease-free way to fight static in your hair!

9. Keep your buttons from falling off

fa6ec812-2fae-4182-827f-806a5c78c856 Applying a coat of clear-coat can keep your buttons from flying across the room!

10. Stop strapless bras from falling

e3031b66-9171-466d-b582-9f362d1117c4 Problem solved.

11. Out of shaving cream?

4f40773a-2245-4e33-ab4d-2851d405e24f The conditioner you use in your hair works just as well!

12. Easily add keys to your ring

ffa1ada2-b8bc-4021-97ee-eaa067878d9e Save your fresh manicure by using a staple remover! What life hacks can you not live without? Source: Diply

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