12 Minute Bikini Body Workout

Hi BodyRockers! Now that Summer is officially here it's important to keep the momentum going and stick to your workouts! Summer is not only time to get outdoors and get active and fit, but also a time to party, maybe drink a little more, go to friends barbecue's, maybe a weekend getaway here and there, possibly summer vacation time, and let's not forget weddings, and  family reunions and so on, and so on..... ;) It's all good, it's part of enjoying life, just balance out your partying and well deserved indulgences with effective workouts and a good clean diet. A clean diet consists of lean proteins, complex nutrient dense carbohydrates, lots of green and multi colored vegetables, plus fruits, seeds, and nuts. Eat a wide variety of whole foods while reducing your processed foods, simple sugars, and unhealthy fats. I like to follow the 80/20 rule...80 percent clean and 20 percent relaxed and free of guilt. If you do what's good for you 80 percent of the time you'll find that it is possible to have both health, and fitness and enjoyment in life :) Be also sure to drink lots of water and eat lots of water rich foods during the warmer weather to keep you well hydrated! Today's workout is going to be total body core workout that will help you to keep your metabolism fired up after your workout is done.   Sorry if I seem rushed, my camera has been cutting off on me, but you can see the workout in completion so feel free to do 50 seconds of work if you like because of the components of each exercise sequence. The workout: 7 Exercises, set your timer for 40 or 50 seconds of work and run it through twice!   Exercises:
  1. Plank + alternate step through to a kick
  2. 3 Way V-Sits, oblique, oblique other side, and enter 2 each
  3. Squat thruster dropping right into pushup if you can + deep wide squat stand
  4. DB sit up - arms straight out in front of chest, come all the way up with knees coming in at same time. (see video)
  5. Burpee + alternate side plank + 2 rear knees in
  6. Feet jack in/out 4 times + 10 toe taps front - cardio, inner thighs, calves.
  7. Plank jacks 5 times + DB drag with an underhand grip

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