12 Minute Killer Ab Workout

One of the main things I try to focus on is hitting my ab muscles three times a week.  Since I strength train six days a week, I typically only do a 12 minute interval workout on my abs at the end of my workouts three times a week.  This is mainly because I focus on strength training exercises that utilize my core and stabilizer muscles so that I don't have to focus on abs everyday.

This is my favorite ab workout to do since it is quick, however; it will leave your abs on fire for the next few days!

3 Rounds 4 Exercises

50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest

1) Russian Twists

2) V ups

3) Plank

4) Side Obliques

You can incorporate a medicine ball to make these exercises more difficult if you want!  If you have any questions on how to perform each exercise the full first round is below !


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