12 Reasons Not Giving A F*ck Is The Greatest Super Power You Can Have

We've all heard people say they don't give a f*ck but they were most likely just trying to convince themselves. The real people who don't care are confident and immune to other people's drama. They go their own way, march to their own beat and don't freak when presented with differing opinions. They make their own rules. Many times their attitudes can get interpreted as not carrying about anything but that is far from the truth. People who don’t give a f*ck realize there are real issues going on in the world and the petty day to day dramas are just that. Petty. It is difficult not to let things bother you, but once you realize how insignificant certain things are, you'll be so much happier. Here are 12 reasons not giving a f*ck is an incredibly awesome super power:

1. You can freeze people out effortlessly.

There are too many people out there who are unable to walk away from bad friends or negative people. You, on the other hand, have perfected the art of walking away.

2. You’re bulletproof to bullsh*t

Nothing gets by you...

3. You’re a professional when it comes to dipping out of situations.

When something starts to kill your good vibes, you're on it right away and high tail it out of there. There is no room for negativity in your life.

4. You don’t feel pressure to behave in a certain way.

You don't feel pressured by societal norms. Your style and your personality are completely unique. As they should be!

5. You’re invisible when you need to be.

If a situation isn't right for you, you're out of there. Your friends don't even worry anymore about where you've gone. They get it.

6. You get information out of people without even trying.

People know you like to keep it real so they will often turn to you for advice. They probably already know what you're going to say but the need the verbal confirmation and the dose of honesty.

7. Your life is one judgment-free zone.

What's the sense in being judgmental anyway? No one likes being judged so why do it TO them? We've all been through things, it isn't your place to tell someone how to behave.

8. You know the difference between support and not giving a sh*t.

You may not care about the insignificant stuff but you do feel for your friends and family when they are truly in need. When things get really rough, you're usually their first point of contact.

9. Your looks could kill.

You don't need to say a word, you eyes tell people to back off.

10. You burn bridges when it’s necessary.

Sometimes bridges need to be burned to move forward in life. It isn't a bad thing, just a reality.

11. There is no competition when it comes to you.

You are interested in where other people are in their lives but not as a point of comparison. You are your own best motivation.

12. Your personality never dies.

You are not diminished by other people's judgments or beliefs. You keep on keeping on.   You are truly a superhero. No cape required (although I wouldn't judge you for wearing one).

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