12 Shoes for 12 Ex Girlfriends

Have you ever had one of those relationships where the person was just incredibly awful or dangerously weird and you wanted to always remember the innate weirdness so you'd never find it again?  Enter Sebastian Errazuriz an amazingly talented artist who created shoes to represent his 12 ex-girlfriends. You'll be amazed at the detail.  And the girls. slide_329309_3218242_free slide_329309_3218220_free slide_329309_3218222_free slide_329309_3218224_free slide_329309_3218226_free slide_329309_3218228_freeslide_329309_3218230_freeslide_329309_3218232_free slide_329309_3218234_free slide_329309_3218236_free slide_329309_3218238_free slide_329309_3218240_free        

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