12 Simple Things That Are Indisputably Making You Less Hot

Having a hard time landing a date? You may be inadvertently sabotaging yourself. Check out this list of things to avoid and keep your hotness level near or above steamy.

1. Your breath

There is nothing wrong with your smile or your teeth but please just do something about that breath. Especially if you plan on getting up close and personal with someone.

2. Being overly mysterious

There is something to be said about people who don't say much. But the thing is, you can only be silent for so long before you are no longer considered shy or introverted but become the 'jerk who refuses to say anything.'

3. Red wine mouth

For the ladies, this is easy to remedy. Buy a merlot coloured lipstick and put it on after drinking, before you go out in public. Fellas, sorry. No easy fix. You look like a vampire.

4. Cigarettes

We know it is a really great excuse to step outside and not talk to anyone for a few minutes but remember, no one wants to wake up next to a pillow that smells like smoke.

5. Ass crack exposure

A really, small, subtle hint of boxer/lace panty is tolerable on a dimly lit dance floor but if you are standing at the bar, people will see that ass crack before your face. Is that really your best first impression?

6. Complaining

When you first meet you think they are incredibly sexy and then they start talking and nearly everything they say is a complaint of some sort. If that doesn't turn you off, nothing will.

7. Talking over someone else

If you insist on being one of those people who dominates the conversation by bringing up obscure subjects and stealing someone's thunder, don't be shocked if your date stands up and just walks out.

8. Revealing too much about your relationship on social media

If you've just started to see someone, they should only know about your most recent break up through the vague details you have provided. They should not get the unabridged version when they friend you on Facebook.

9. Turning the conversation back to yourself

You may think you're hella interesting but it is rude to interject with a personal antidote when someone is trying to tell you a story. People are not going to respond to you because they are busy trying to figure out how they can get you to shut up.

10. Clothing with weird slogans

There is a place reserved in hell for the people who wear Female Body Inspector t-shirts oustside of the house. If you manage to find someone willing to come home with you, your shirt guarantees that they will be forced to hear about your shot glass collection or your recent trip to Alaska.

11. Shoes you should never wear outside of the house

It is better to be short than to wear heels so high you roll an ankle on the dance floor. Guys, if you don't want to look like cavemen, don't wear shoes with individual toe compartments. Never.

12. Talking about your workout regimen

Mentioning that you are athletic, that you have hobbies, that you are fit and workout is more than fine. But going over every minor detail of your workout plan is just too much. Did your pet peeve turn off make the list? What would you add?   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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