12 Stages Of A Fitness Class Obsession

Fitness trends are real, and they have been around for ages. These days, they are taking the form of fitness classes like SoulCycle and Pure Barre. If you are involved in one of these fitness classes, your love is real. Your love is deep. Unfortunately, it may also be draining your bank account. But maybe it is worth it to you. Hard to say. But one thing is clear, fitness classes have become something of an obsession for many people. Here are the 12 stages of a fitness class obsession: 1. Discovery: Oh, hey! That's a cool shirt. Wait, that's a SoulCycle shirt. A friend of my cousin's girlfriend does SoulCycle and she's super hot. 2. Intrigue: Maybe I will just check out the website. Can't hurt, right? 3. Contemplation: I could afford this. I will eat rice for a month, make my coffee at home and skip any and all happy hour invites. That's reasonable. It will be worth it.   4. Doubt: Hmmm. I, too, could have a killer body if I had a killer bank account. But instead, I have my bank account. Maybe I will just buy the t-shirt online. No one will know... 5. Reevaluation: A price tag cannot be put on my health. I make monetary commitments to my wardrobe and my social life, why not my fitness? This class can help me get my sh*t together!   6. Eager Beginnings: It feels great to be filling out these contact forms! I can only imagine how much better I will be AFTER I take the class. 7. Ego Inflation: Look at all those people in line at the drive thru! Peasants. I'm a fitness person now. I laugh at your fast food! 8. Sheer, Utter Pain: How is it possible that anyone is this excited to ride a stationary bike at 5:30am? I can barely walk to the car. What good is being fit, if I can't even stand up? 9. A Dash of Skepticism: Being healthy ain't cheap. Why is green juice so damn expensive?   10. Silent Panic: Uh-oh! I can't afford the green juice! I've signed my entire financial future over for three months of SoulCycle! What the hell was I thinking? 11. Calm After The Storm: Okay, so I won't be eating for the rest of the month in order to cover this cancellation fee, but lesson learned!   12. Discovery: Wait, is that a Pure Barre shirt? Have you been caught up in a fitness class obsession? Share your story with us! Source: Shape  

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