12 Tips On Becoming Confident

We were born with the confidence of a blazing star. Just look at how confident small children are. But we just forget this in-born confidence as time goes on as we become influenced by all sorts of external factors. But it's there-- it's just a matter of cultivating it. For me, three things that increase my confidence daily are my successes as a mother, the progress in my yoga practice and workouts, and unconditional love. However, I've found there are many more ways to work on becoming more confident from the inside out.
  1. Keep an open mind and see the potential to grow in every day situations.
  2. And stop hating! It only keeps you from realizing your highest potential.
  3. Be aware of your strengths and OWN them!
  4. Strive for progress--  not perfection.
  5. Know that sometimes #shithappens. Just pick your head up and move on to the next.
  6. Believe in yourself. Whatever you project others will pick up and believe about you, too.
  7. So be optimistic! There's power in your words and thoughts. Negativity brought into fruition only undermines your confidence.
  8. Work on resolving your fears.
  9. See yourself and others through loving, compassionate eyes.
  10. Get physical. Celebrate the progress along your journey.
  11. Practice gratitude daily. Be mindful of the little successes that go unnoticed.
  12. And meditate. Clear your mind of the thoughts that plague you. Get connected to your true essence and shine from deep within. Align yourself with the power of your higher Self so you may live your life to its highest potential.
Always remember: you are a beautiful, capable being, born to do great things in this lifetime. Love yourself fully and own your abilities with confidence!


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