12 Types of Runners You See In the Spring

The sub-zero temps of winter are finally behind us, and runners know this means one thing: You can ditch the treadmill and get outdoors again (!!!). And once you lace up, you realize you’re not the only one who had that idea—the streets, trails, and paths are packed with runners again. Seeing so many of us out there reminds us that running really is an “everyman” sport: People of all shapes and ages can be found pounding the pavement. But no matter where you are, you're sure to see these 12 running types.

The Barefoot Runner

types_of_runners_barefootDid Vibrams come out with a blue model, or is that just what frostbite looks like?

The Shirtless Guy

types_of_runners_shirtless You can still see your breath, but this guy is totally over it. Sometimes seen wearing gloves, despite going bare-chested. We don’t really get it, but we’re not complaining, either.

The All-Weather Runners

types_of_runners_all_weatherOften heard grumbling about how many people are out today, they’ve been hitting the paths all winter, while the rest of us retreated to the treadmill. And now that they have to compete for trail space again, they’re not happy.

The Neon Warrior

types_of_runners_neonThis woman clearly plays by the “the brighter the clothes, the faster the pace” rule: neon jacket, neon capris, neon socks, neon shoes—even her hair tie is neon. Hey, at least cars will be able to see her.

The Running Group

types_of_runners_groupSeen mostly from behind, these packs always seem to be cranking out effortless four-minute miles—while chatting and laughing to boot.

The Marathon Trainers

types_of_runners_marathonersOnly five weeks to go until Boston, everyone! Whether they’re consulting their training plan, pushing their way through a grueling long run, or hitting the track for some speed work, you’ll be able to pick out the runners who are training for a marathon pretty easily—because they’ll tell you all about it.

The First Timers

types_of_runners_beginnersWhether they’re trying out C25K or just seeing how far their old gym shoes can take them, we’re always happy to see new runners! But learn from our mistakes: ditch the cotton clothes and get supportive shoes.

The Tech Heads

types_of_runners_techIf they’re not staring at their Garmin, they’re fiddling with their heart rate monitor or scrolling through their iPod. Hey guys, look up! It’s a really nice day out here.

The Ultra Runners

types_of_runners_ultramarathonOkay, the marathon trainers may be intense, but they have nothing on these guys. Usually carrying backpacks (to store their bandages, water, spare socks, and food—yes, food, since Gus won’t quite cut it on a 50-plus mile run), they have a certain weary, glycogen-depleted, all-knowing look you can’t miss.

The Doggy Joggers

types_of_runners_dogSO. JEALOUS. If we had a puppy bounding away by our side, we’d never skip a run again.

Source: Shape

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