To My 12 Year Old Self

To my 12 year old self: The next few years are going to be hard. Really hard. You won't know how to process what you feel. Your friends may hurt you and you may feel like you don't belong. You may question your beauty. You may feel ugly and angry and want to lash out at those around you. But take a second to think first. You are you. You were made to be you. There is not a thing wrong with how you look. Take care of your body. You may hate it, think its fat. You may think restricting your food intake to next to nothing is the way to go, but it isn't. Just eat wisely. You need those nutrients and trust me, you'll be grateful for good eating habits in your 30s. Your body is strong. It is powerful. it is an amazing machine that will guide you through the adventures heading your way. Cherish it. Treat it right. You are a gorgeous person, inside and out. Your smile is one of your greatest attributes. Smile. Often. Work on your inner beauty just as much as you work on your outer. Practice patience, peace, kindness, gentleness and self control. These qualities will outlast anything else you can do for yourself. You are able and gifted. Even if you can't see it yet, you will. And you will enjoy unpacking these hidden gems over the course of your years. Your family loves you. Don't be afraid to let them in. I know they seem old and uncool but sometimes they do know what they are talking about. Do not seek validation from the boys around you. You don't need their approval. They are confused too. Soon you will understand all that you have to offer a relationship, all you desire in a relationship. Be patient. Things will get better. You will find your place. Build your confidence. You will develop passions that allow you to learn and grow. Create. Become. Be kind to those around you. Putting someone down will never raise you up. Life will not always be easy. Or fun. But it will always be worth it. Focus on what you have, not what you think you lack. Relax. Take a deep breath. You can do anything. Love, Your 34 year old self who no longer cares what others think h/t: Huffington Post

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