13 Awkward S*x Moments That Shouldn't Ruin it for You

  Sex is hot, but sometimes unexpected things happen and you're left feeling awkward. But why not just let it be funny, look at it as a minor hiccup and then go back to enjoying the moment you're in? Because what other choice do you have? Let the occurrence have you running for the hills and make things even more ridiculously awkward? Nah. With that said, here are 13 things that don't have to kill the mood, so long as a little patience and a lot of humor are involved.

1. Your extensions come out.

Everything's going well until suddenly ... YANK! They come out.
Awkward moments shouldn't have to ruin sex.

2. Your pet gets up in your business.

A few doggie yaps later and perhaps an unexpected lick on the skin and you're feeling like three is most certainly a crowd.

3. Speaking of three ... a third party enters, uninvited.

Hot and heavy takes a backseat to your roommate barging in. HELLO! [bctt tweet="Let's face it, things can't always go as planned, so have some fun with it. "]

4. A butt dial happens mid-action.

For once, you wish your father hadn't picked up your phone call. UGH.

5. THUD. Things were so adventurous you fell off the bed!

Awkward moments shouldn't have to ruin sex.

6. Your moan sounds more like a whale than a hot girl getting into it.

You've never had a problem with your vocal behavior in between the sheets ... until now. The sound replays itself over and over again in your head.

7. OUCH! Your hair is trapped under your partner's arm.

Your scalp gets yanked with every move. You can only play it off for so long before you screech.

8. Things are going south ... because he can't get up.

Technical difficulties happen, and while it's easy for you to roll your eyes and roll over altogether, patience is key. The more you make him feel bad, the less likely he'll get it up.

9. A little public fun goes a little too far.

So hot at first ... so awkward when you get caught by a cop.

10. You're trapped by a stuck zipper.

Suddenly that sexy dress becomes a monster swallowing you. GET OFF. GET OFF. Feeling trapped by a stuck zipper can go from an uh-oh to a panic attack.
Awkward moments shouldn't have to ruin sex.

11. You’re caught off-guard by an awkward bodily sound.

Whether it's a queef, a fart or your skin making fart noises, it's unexpected and less than hot. But it's normal, so let it go.

12. One of you falls asleep.


13. So much laughter.

It's hot. Moans are being made, movement is behind had. You're staring into each other's eyes, oh so in the moment, when suddenly one or both of you bursts out into a fit of laughter. Um, what? How do you recover?
Awkward moments shouldn't have to ruin sex.
Have you ever experienced one of these awkward moments during sex? Source: Self [caption id="attachment_119391" align="alignnone" width="100"]@BodyRockOfficial @BodyRockOfficial[/caption] [caption id="attachment_119392" align="alignnone" width="100"]@BodyRockTV @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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