13 Real Reasons To Start Bodyweight Training TODAY!

Working out is complicated, right? It doesn't have to be! If you are looking for an inexpensive-- and by inexpensive, I mean free-- workout you can do anywhere that will improve your overall health, strength and flexibility body weight training is the thing for you. If 'free' isn't a good enough reason for you, here are 13 more:

1. It is a super efficient workout.

Research has shown that high output, bodyweight exercises show great fitness gains over a short period of time. Without equipment, it is easy to transition from one move right into the next without resting. HIIT workouts are all the rage because, to be completely honest, they work.

2. It can combine cardio and strength training.

Doing quick burst of cardio (like 1 minute of burpees) between your strength movements (a set of push ups, for example) will get your heart rate up -- and keep it up -- while you are developing your strength and muscles.

3. It can burn fat in a hurry.

Even just a few minutes of bodyweight circuit training can do wonders for your metabolism. This is because of the 'afterburn effect.' This means that even when you are finished your workout, your body remains revved up and burning calories for hours. Increase your fat burn by upping the resistance with the BodyRock Weighted Vest.

4. At any fitness level, it is challenging.

Never a dull moment, bodyweight exercises can be adapted to fit anyone. Adding more reps, doing them more quickly, or less quickly, taking shorter breaks are a few examples of what can be done to make a simple workout more challenging.

5. You'll gain core strength.

There are at least 29 muscles that make up the core, or trunk, of your body. There are more than a few bodyweight movements that engage all of those muscles. They will not only give you a tighter tummy but they will improve your posture, relieve lower back stress and improve your overall performance!  

6. It can increase your flexibility.

Doing bodyweight exercises that include a full range of motion ensures that your joints are moving freely. It can also improve your posture and perhaps prevent some exercise related injuries. Yoga is a favourite for many is an example of using bodyweight to improve strength and flexibility.

7. There's never an excuse not to work out.

Many people claim they don't have time to work out or they can't afford a gym membership. Good thing bodyweight exercises exist! These exercises only require a small about of space and a relatively short amount of time and so they are easy to do at any time and in any place. Are you on the road a lot? With no equipment, bodyweight exercises can be a perfect stress reliever.

8. You'll achieve better balance.

In this type of training, upping the ante can also mean improving balance. If you swap a regular squat for a single leg squat (or pistol squat) you can improve balance by increasing body awareness and control.

9. You'll never get bored.

If you regularly work out on treadmills or go through the exact same circuit at the gym each and every time you go, it is easy to get bored. But with bodyweight training, there are countless variations you can add. This is not only good if you are bored, it can also get you through your dreaded plateaus. Another way to prevent boredom is to sign up for SweatFlix℠! With over 115 hours of real time, on demand workouts, SweatFlix℠ ensures you'll always find something to motivate and inspire you! Start your trial today!

10. Mixing up your workout is easy.

These moves can all be done indoors or out! You can practice solo or you can do it with a group. Next time you take a run in the park, throw some bodyweight exercises in at the end. Why not?

11. It's free.

Experts are saying the rise in the popularity of bodyweight exercises is due to the fact that it is free. Gyms and classes add up. Who has extra money to throw around? If you can get in shape and do so for free, it is a no brainer.

12. It can help with injury prevention.

Injuries tend to be the primary reason people stop working out. Why not do something that prevents them? Bodyweight exercises are generally safe for everyone no matter the age, experience or fitness level. Simple bodyweight movements can be effective rehab options for people with significant impairments.

13. You'll see results.

Seeing results is the best reason of all. Body weight exercises use 'compound movements' which means several joints and muscles are involved in each exercise. Compound exercises have been shown to show significant improvements in strength and performance. As a bonus, improved core strength can lead to improved strength in the entire body. Bodyweight exercises are the perfect answer to your fitness excuses. Already doing bodyweight work? Good on ya! If you aren't, time to give up the excuses and join the fun. You'll be happy you did!    

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