13 Reasons To Say "Awww"

This article is a combination of terribly sad and incredibly adorable animals. If ever there was a time to use the true double meaning of the sound “Awwwww” then now is it. Here are 13 animals to melt your heart. Tzvika the turtle suffered severe damage to her shell when she was run over with a lawnmower. Now, with the help of her newly attached wheels, she can walk normally. disabled-animals-1  Billy the French bulldog’s hind legs have been paralyzed since birth. He ran for the first time with the help of his newly built “roll car.”  disabled-animals-2 An animal-loving art student created this prosthetic device for Hoppa the dog, and hopes that the device can help other similarly injured animals.  disabled-animals-3 A 25 year-old female loggerhead turtle named Yu has gone through 27 different pairs of prosthetic flippers after having her front flippers shredded in a shark attack. The flippers allow her to swim completely normally and naturally.  disabled-animals-4 In 2002, female bottlenose dolphin Fuji lost 75 percent of her tail fluke due to an unknown disease. With the help of an artificial tail fluke (the first of its kind) she can swim and jump as much she likes.  disabled-animals-5 Former stray dog Snow had to have one of her right feet amputated, but now has a brand-new artificial leg.  disabled-animals-6 Naki’o lost all four paws to frostbite when he was abandoned as a puppy, but now can walk on all fours using prosthetic devices. Robodog!  disabled-animals-9 Hope the Yorkshire terrier is missing one limb, but her uni-wheel attached to a doggie vest helps her move perfectly fine.  disabled-animals-10 In a world-first operation Oscar the cat has been fitted with prosthetic limbs after he had his hind legs severed by a combine harvester.  disabled-animals-11 Members of a drug gang chopped off Pay de Limon’s paws to practice cutting fingers off kidnapped people, thanks to prosthetic legs this dog can get past this awful atrocity and run free.  disabled-animals-12 Motala, a 48 year-old female elephant stepped on a landmine 10 years ago and is now being taken care of at the Elephant Hospital in Lampang province, thanks to her newly attached prosthetic leg she can finally walk normally again.  disabled-animals-13 A custom walker helps 7 year-old disabled cat Cici, paralyzed from a traffic accident, to walk and even compete in cat shows (did not realize that was a thing).  disabled-animals-14 Definitely saving the best for last, this one is my absolute favourite, partially because I’ve always wanted a pet pig and partially because the owners are genius namers. Chris P. Bacon was born without the use of his hind legs, but thanks to a vet in Clermont, Florida, he has his own little wheelchair. Look how happy he is!  disabled-animals-15 Whether these animals are born with abnormlities or needing amputation due to an accident, it seems like their ignorance allows them to overcome these disabilities with ease. I guess it goes to show that human self-consciousness can really get in the way of overcoming struggles. Hopefully the next time you’re faced with a challenge these inspirational little guys (well, big in the case of Motala) will help you not sweat the small stuff and get through it.

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