13 Super Simple Ways To Rev Up Your Metabolism

Kicking up your calorie burning power isn't rocket science. Here are 13 diet and lifestyle hacks that can have you torching calories faster and losing weight easier: metabolism #1 Sprinkle On Some Cinnamon Add a little spice to your meals! Cinnamon is not only a stress-reliever, it's a metabolism igniter. Dust some cinnamon on your whole wheat toast or over top of your cereal. #2 Snack Before Bed Sounds crazy, right? We've always been told not to eat too close to bed time. Pop in a little 100 to 200 calorie snack before hitting the sheets and you'll actually burn more and increase your muscle mass. #3 Eat Breakfast This one is a no-brainer. Fuelling up in the morning keeps your body going all day long, and your metabolism burning like an engine. Make sure your breakfast is rich in nutrients like protein, fiber and vitamins! #4 Do Cardio Researchers have found that after a 45-minute cycling workout, people slash 190 calories above their resting metabolic rate for over 14 hours after their workout! Is that not enough to make you hit the pavement for a run or sign up for spin class? #5 Schedule Exercise If you write down when you're supposed to hit the gym, or log a reminder in your phone, you will be more likely to actually complete the workout. Consistency is key to a healthy calorie burning rate. #6 Relax Stress can mess with all your inner workings, especially your metabolism. When the stress hormone cortisol is overabundant in your body, your metabolism chills out and you gain weight. So take up yoga, meditation, drink green tea and keep committed to your fitness regime to rid stress from your daily life. #7 HIIT It A short burst of intense physical activity is just as good for you as longer workouts, and can be even more beneficial to burn calories. Pump up your heart rate with some high intensity interval training! #8 After-Burn It After a HIIT workout that burns 200 calories or more, your body will keep torching more and more calories after you stop moving. Thanks to a good after-burn, you could be smashing your caloric rate while sitting in your car or catching your favourite TV show. #9 Fiber Fuel Fiber fills your stomach to make you feel fuller, longer. Eating high fiber foods like nuts, seeds, oats and brown rice can prevent you from crashing and craving junk food later on. Also, fiber provides you energy and gut regularity while ramping up your calorie burn rate by 10%. #10 Spice Up Your Life Pungent spices like cayenne pepper are a great addition to your diet! They raise your body's core temperature which, in turn, raises your metabolic rate. Even a little amount of spice goes a long way. #11 Strength Train If you work your muscles, they will burn calories for you while you're at rest. It's a cool phenomenon which is why so many people love strength training. 120 minutes of strength training a week is perfect for helping shed pounds! #12 Drink More Water Simple, easy, and totally effective. Water not only is a vital force of life, it helps flush away excess body fat by revving up your metabolism. Drink whenever you feel thirsty, and aim for between 8 and 12 glasses a day. #13 Get Some Rest Studies show that proper sleep can impact your calorie burning power. So rest up and recover while your body gets down to business blasting away fat! Share your tips and tricks for weight loss with us! Source: Eat Local Grown  

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