13 Things Every Gym Addict Secretly Does

If you're hooked on getting fit, you probably have done one of these secret things that only gym addicts truly understand! Check them out and tag a friend who can relate! #GymLife #1 Having a favourite treadmill, yoga ball or stretching spot. It is yours and you've grown very protective of it. favourite stretching spot #2 Rocking dirty gym clothes when it's almost laundry day. Sure, you sweated in these. It ain't nothing some perfume and fabric spray can't fix! dirty clothes gym #3 Happy hour? Nah, you've got a hot date with some weights. Seriously though, your social life is going down the tubes. social life workout #4 Pretending to feel bad about being late to the plans you made after your workout, but really, you're not sorry. making plans after workout #5 You stopped pursuing someone you were crushing on because you found out they don't workout. Like not even a little bit... dating someone lifestyle #6 In fact, you've ruled out several dates because of this. Or because of horrible gym etiquette. Don't hog the weights buddy, and always wipe it down. horrible gym etiquette #7 This doesn't stop you from stalking every hot dude at the gym though. I mean, there are so many of them. [bctt tweet="13 Things Every Gym Addicts Secretly Does"] stalking hot guys at the gym #8 All of your funds go to gym clothes and food. Having nice workout gear makes you super excited. fresh gym clothes #9 Sometimes you look so on point that you check yourself out in every mirror and can't help but snap a daily selfie. checking yourself out #10 In fact, your social media feeds are always blowing up with gym-related posts. You don't feel bad that this is the seventh motivational quote you've put up today. posting motivational quotes #11 But part of you despises people who post too many selfies of their bods. Yes, we know you workout. This is over-sharing though. humblebrag oversharing instagram #12 You feel the withdrawal symptoms halfway through a day off. And you can't stop complaining. You also feel like you might just die. rest days gym life #13 If you end up with no plans on a Friday night, you might just make your second trip to the gym. Also known as your second home. gym addiction fitness What are your weird confessions about being a gym addict? Share them with us! Source: Shape      

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