13 Tips For Fitting In Fitness To Your Busy Life

This is based off a few different blogs, all focused on providing that busy go-getter with an attainable workout routine.   1. Choose an activity you enjoy – you are much more likely to exercise if you legitimately enjoy it. Consider your workout like a mani-pedi, it’s a treat, enjoy! 2. Set your alarm early – if you wake up early, you can get a workout out of the way first thing in the morning so it won’t be looming over your head for the rest of the day. fittinginfitnesswakeup 3. Lunch break workout – really make the best of that 60-minute lunch, even if you can’t get to the gym then you could go for a short walk or at least do some squats. 4. Work out at work – sit on a stability ball, do some tricep dips at your desk, or keep some free weights in a drawer for any lengthy calls you have to make. fittinginfitnessworkout-at-work 5. Stair climbs – take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator, and power up your speed a bit each day. 6. Schedule workouts – Fitting the gym into your schedule is much easier if you actually block off the time. Make it like a dentist appointment or a PTA meeting, if it’s in your calendar you’ll be less likely to blow off a trip to the gym. fittinginfitness 7. Make it a date – gym buddies are fun, and the gym can be a regular part of your social life. Also, there’s just something about venting about your day while you’re on the treadmill that just makes you go harder, is that just me? 8. Take exercise on the go – running, walking, and biking are all great ways to commute to work, your mode of transportation is now a workout. Bicycle commuter 9. Waiting in line – we spend a lot of useless time in lines, so make it less useless. The blog I read suggested doing squats or lunges, but if you feel embarrassed doing those in public, I often go with the more subtle calf raises, it just makes you look impatient. 10. Turn chores into exercise – running up and down the stairs with a laundry basket is both a cardio and weight work out. See how fast you can get chores done, or just dance party your way through them. fittinginfitnessworking-out-on-the-weekend 11. TV Workouts – these are one of my favourite things, especially for those light comedic shows, and you’re in luck because the BodyRock team has quite a few fun ones. Be a couch potato no-more, and sweat it to your favourite programming. 12. Multitask exercises – or multitask in general, do some bicep curls, read a report, or answer emails while you’re walking on the treadmill. 13. And of course… HIIT it with us! High intensity interval training is great for those with a busy life. Maximum effort + minimum time = more bang for your buck.  

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