13 Ways to Reduce your Daily Toxin Exposure

In the past 60 years alone, we have added over 70,000 new man-made chemicals to our environment. This is largely due to ‘advancements’ in the processing industries that provide us with the plethora of new products on the market each year. The simplicity of harvesting crops locally and organically has been overpowered by rampant use of genetically modified foods, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Combine these recent changes to our primary fuel source with the pollution and smog of city living and we have saturated every layer of our being with toxicity. Although you may not notice this in your day to day, these harmful substances continue to accumulate, increasing our toxic load and in turn our risk for chronic disease. chemicalfreeBenefits_of_Organic_Food How can you fight back?
  1. Eat organic as often as possible (can’t stress this enough!): especially meats and fruits or vegetables without a protective skin.
  2. Wash your fruits & veggies with more than just water. Try my DIY Fruit and Veggie Spray!
  3. Avoid smoked or cured meats containing nitrates (pepperoni, jerky, hot dogs, etc).
  4. Drink purified water free of fluoride and chlorine.
  5. Cut down on coffee! Opt for organic teas.
  6. Stop using refined oils when cooking.
  7. Cut artificial crap out of your diet (sweetners, flavours, colours, scents).
  8. Limit your seafood intake: to avoid the mercury, PCBs and dioxin content in fish.
  9. Use glass water bottles & food storage containers: to avoid exposure to phthalates and BPA.
  10. Switch your personal hygiene products to ones containing natural, organic ingredients.
  11. Use natural cleaning products in the home.
  12. Limit alcohol consumption
  13. Detoxify the body at least twice a year. Need some help? I’ve got you covered! Click here to download my Free Detox Guide!

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