My 14-Day Challenge Endeavour

Okay, so, to be entirely honest, I’ve had a setback in my health goals. Let’s just say, set life is not exactly the best way to lose weight, or even maintain a healthy way of life for that matter. I’ve slowly been getting back on track, but I’ve wanted to do a little something extra that really pushes me SO, since I never stick to anything unless I have accountability, I am going to do BodyRock’s 14-day toned arms challenge, (why, thank you pinterest) and their 14-day lose your love handles challenge (I just love me a good infographic). I will post updates (i.e. complain) here. What these challenges involve: push-ups, dips, planks – side plank, side bends, Russian twists. 14dayloseyourlovehandles 14daytonedarms First day? Not too bad, even though my left arm is a bit sore from a B12 shot. Of course, each day the exercises get longer, so it’s not supposed to be hard today… ask me on day 14.

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