14-Day Challenge Final Week!

It's my final week of the 14-day toned arms and love handle challenges! 14daytonedarms I usually do regular and side planks on my wrists, mainly because I’m yoga girl over here, and that’s just what I learned. BUT my wrists were having none of it this week so I did go to my elbows for a few of the planks, and did push-ups holding free weights since it took some pressure off of my wrist – just in case I’m not alone in the sore wrist camp. Day 8: Forgot that this was a rest day, oh god, what do I do with myself? (More yoga, obviously) Day 9: Tequila and side bends DO NOT mix well. Day 10: Drinking guilt and working out DO mix well. Day 11: I climbed ALL the stairs today – taking my rest day early. Day 12: Making up for yesterday like the good girl that I am. Day 13: Could do all of the planks without taking a break – the push-ups? Not so much. Day 14: Victory is mine!!!!!!! I loved doing these challenges, it was something I could really easily fit into my schedule, and it made me more mindful of making healthy choices (well… minus the tequila shots). I almost wish I had taken a before and after photo. Just to give you an idea, it would look pretty much like this: hulk-Before-and-after Amazing what 14 days can do, right? read more of my shenanigans here.

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