14-Day Challenge Week 1 in Review

Week 1 of my 14-Day Challenge Endeavours - both the toned arms and lose your love handles challenge 14daytonedarms Mainly so I could keep track of what day I was on, but also so I can comment on each day’s exercises without a new (and fairly boring) post every day, I described each day’s workout in a sentence or phrase. Here’s week 1 of the challenge at a glance: Day 1: piece o’ cake Day 2: nearly forgot – really great start MK. Day 3: reeeeally feeling those side bends today. Day 4: rest day at the cottage, how perfect is that? Day 5: Sooooo difficult to motivate myself to do these today, but glad that I did. Day 6: Definitely should’ve done these BEFORE the hot yoga class. Day 7: YOU WILL EARN THAT BURRITO, SOLDIER. Also, I wanted to make sure that I was doing a Russian twist correctly (surprisingly I was) so if you are similarly curious, here’s a great how-to video: Now, on to my final week. Should I switch up my planks and push-ups? There are so many options, and I do love a good plank variation, but then again, they are classics for a reason. My boredom may get the best of me though, so hello diamond push-ups.

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