The 14 Day Diet Challenge

So after getting the 14 Day Daily Hiit Nutrition Guide in my inbox, I thought to myself...what a great opportunity to not only see the effects of a much better diet but to also show the community that it can be done.  Clean eating that is. I'll be completely honest with everyone, my diet is ok.  It's not great and it could definitely use some work getting more veggies in.  I'm also a mom and a wife and my life can get pretty hectic at times and having all of the meals set out for me is amazing.  I don't even have to think. So to start out I am starting November 20th.  Today, the 19th, I've gone to the grocery store and bought absolutely everything I needed for the two weeks.  Yes I know that Thanksgiving is the 28th.  I'm really going to try and not anger my mother-in-law while at the same time keeping it healthy.  Hopefully that will be it for the cheating.  So at the grocery store, City Market/King Soopers (so it's not a super expensive organic store), I spent a total of $163, only buying extra milk and yogurt for my daughter, so take off $10 or so for her.  Honestly most of it is veggies.  And I have a quite a bit of lean beef and chicken in my freezer so I opted not to buy much more meat.

photo 3All the veggies.

 I tried to get off brand items to demonstrate that eating healthy doesn't mean breaking the bank.  Actually it was a little cheaper than most of my 'normal' shopping trips.  

photo 1All of the food.

 You can see my daughter's little shock of curly hair at the end of the counter.  It was quite a lot of food.  Also I had quite a bit already in my fridge. So here's what I came back with.  It was a ton of food.  There were some things we just didn't have at the grocery store like summer squash and apricots that I ended up swapping.  Totally ok.  And I went shopping with my daughter.  She's a toddler.  It can be done Moms.  I promise.  I actually love grocery shopping.  Especially when I know I'm getting really good food. So here's my plan.  Today, 19th, I'm going to make all 5 of the meals but double the recipes so that I have food for two days and don't have to worry about cooking.  Actually I'm going to have the same breakfast and it doesn't require cooking so that's one meal off.  I also am allergic to honey so I'm substituting it for agave nectar wherever necessary.  And I just bought bread instead of pitas and whole wheat english muffins.  It's this amazing bread called Dave's Killer Bread.  Its 21 whole grains and whole wheat.  Absolutely fantastic and such a great story behind the bread. Ok so I'm off to cook up some deliciousness.  On December 5th, I will be writing another post about how the 14 days went, what I cheated on, how my body changed, etc.  I am going to be doing Daily Hiit workouts M-F in addition to this. Pretty excited!  Why not join me?  And if you want to get the Nutrition Guide for yourself, click here!   Click here to check out Rachael's personal blog!

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