14 Day Diet Challenge #2

This diet challenge has definitely gotten much easier as the days go by.  I've gotten much more used to eating five times a day and I have noticed that if I don't eat every three hours I start to get a little lightheaded and definitely hungry.  The food is amazing, and surprisingly it doesn't cost any more than it would to eat what I have normally.  The biggest change is not having any starch in the last two meals of the day.  What has been great is that I don't go to bed bloated at all. Days 5-10 are up: Day 5: Meal 1: pumpkin parfait, Meal 2: shrimp stir-fry, Meal 3: Fiesta Salad, Meal 4: Pork and veggies (at my parents house, cauliflower).  I had a glass of wine as well. Day 6:  Meal 1: French toast, Meal 2: tilapia tacos, Meal 3: Salad with turkey, Meal 4: Shrimp Stir-fry. Day 7: Repeat of day 6. Day 8:  Meal 1: Pumpkin parfait, Meal 2: greek yogurt and cucumber salad, Meal 3: fiesta salad, Meal 4: Turkey and Brussels sprouts Day 9: Thanksgiving  Meal 1: Quinoa porridge, Meal 2: fiesta salad, Thanksgiving Dinner at 4pm Day 10: Meal 1: Quinoa porridge, Meal 2: Apple Butternut Squash Soup, Meal 3: Salad with turkey, Meal 4: Turkey and Brussels Sprouts   Last week I ended up getting a question about the approach that the Nutrition Guide takes to nutrition and calories.  What's great about the nutrition guide is that it isn't focused in any sense on food deprivation or calorie counting.  There are two meal plans set up, the 1500 calorie meal plan and the 1800 meal plan.  The meal plans are based on weight and if you are looking to gain weight or loose it. I have made a big decision however, I'm not going to stop after I complete the 14 days.  As a short term goal I am going to go through a complete month so I can get a better idea of my progress.  Also I've got a big big big event to go to with my husband on the 10th...and I have to look great in my dress. :) I highly highly recommend the Nutrition Guide if anything just for the recipes and the clear idea of what your intake on vegetables, starches, and protein needs to be.

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