14 Diagrams That Will Make Going Gluten Free Much Easier

Have you considered banning gluten from your diet? You're not the only one. Millions of people are cutting this component from their daily intake, for health and fitness reasons. Some people have genuine allergies associated with gluten, while others make the change for it's lifestyle benefits. Going gluten free can boost your energy, reduce cramping and bloating and even improve your mood. Gluten and your gut don't agree most of them time, so your intestines will be happy that you're making the switch. Here are 14 helpful diagrams to make gluten free living easy, and delicious:

1) Alcohol Guide 

booze guide  

2) Amazing Spaghetti Squash Recipe 

healthy eating  

3) Gluten-Free Flour  

bread health  

4) Easy Pancakes

pancakes easy  

5) Shopping List   

yum run nutritional eating  

6) Back To School Checklist   

weight loss  

7) Trick Or Treat Guide   

safe halloween candy  

8) Delicious Pizza Recipe   

simple recipes  

9) Dining Out   

eating out healthy clean  

10) Alternatives Grains   

slimming down  

11) Avoiding Cross Contamination   

hacks diet exercise fitness  

12) Snack/Lunch Ideas  

food allergy children  

13) Baking Guide   


14) Gluten Myths   


Let us know if these diagrams helped you! What are your reasons for cutting out gluten?

Source: Buzzfeed

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