14 Things Fitness Class Obsessed People Do (but will never admit)

Alright my regular class go-ers: We know fitness buffs come in all shapes, types and sizes and like any classification, they all have a stereotype. That's why this is for you. So- are you guilty of any of these? (We bet you are...but we won't tell) 1. You Scope Out the Competition You can't help but size up your Zumba rival or the new chick's sweet yoga mat. Bring it. 2. You Go Straight for YOUR Spot It doesn't matter where it is. It's yours. Obvi. 3. You Always Secretly Hope the Instructor Talks to You I mean seriously: you're here like every day. They must know everything about you by now. 4. You're Ready to Leave When A Substitute Instructor Teaches "I specifically left work 15 min early for Cheryl. This is horsesh*t" 5. You Hide Your Bodily Functions Like a Seasoned Vet No one has to know that fart's are a real thing. Clench. It's an extra workout for your glutes. 6. You Tell Your Friends That Your Instructor Used You as an Example Way to go me! I'm basically the best ever. 7. You Live for Corrections and Adjustments from Your Teacher I mean, lets be real: if they help you it means they notice you care. Plus they're ridiculously good looking. 8. You Want People to Notice Your Awesome Style  If no one in class compliments you on your new leggings, they weren't even worth it. 9. You Own Being the "Woo Girl" in Your Class Whether it's because it's super hard or you're just having a good time - you get the people going. 10. You Have Gone Through Extreme Lengths Just to Be the First To Sign Up for A Class (running a red light, anyone?) Every second is precious. One mistake and Amber is going to get your cycle again. 11. You Follow Your Favourite Instructors On All Social Media Platforms But. You. Need. To. Know. EVERYTHING. 12. You Keep Track of Other Regulars Skipping a Class Not everyone can be as dedicated as you are. 13. You, At Times, Want to Punch the Class Star in the Face How does she plank without shaking? Bitch. 14. Your Class Crew Is Like Family They basically know more at this point. I mean, you talk to them every day.

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