13 Things Women Think About Their Butt

Big booty, small booty, medium size booty - it doesn't matter. We definitely have a mild obsession with whatever caboose we were blessed with. So, what exactly DO we think about when it comes to our backsides? We'll share some of ours:

1. What is your purpose?

I mean - you're supposed to make sitting more comfortable but you just don't. Why?

2. You're supposed to be a cushion, why does it still hurt when I land on you?

Despite your shape and size it is SO not like landing in a bed of clouds.

3.Why has no one figured out how to easily fit you into pants?

Seriously though - they're either not making it over the butt or look like you're wearing a diaper. Not cute.

4. You make it less than convenient to navigate between restaurant tables.

Congrats - you took out that guys drink with your butt. Sorry man, it has a mind of it's own.

5. Why aren't you a better dancer?

According to music videos - you should be able to do a plethora of impressive dance moves. You can't. What's the deal with that?

6. Why do you have cellulite in some places and not in others?

You know I can't spot train areas - so can you just chose to be there or not? K, thanks.

7. Why don't you want to stay inside this bikini bottom?

Seriously. You seem all good and ready to go and then I take one step and you've swallowed the damn thing. Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.19.03 AM

8. You look great in this skirt.

We aren't going to obsess over the fact that it's now shorter in the back than the front.

9. I'm sorry I wrapped that sweatshirt around my waist to cover you up from grades 6–12.

It wasn't personal. I was just worried about people judging you for your size or accidentally getting my period in class. It was a preventative measure, I swear.

10. Why do I have to work so hard to make you "butt-shaped"?

You're seriously high-maintence. Like you wrote the book on it.

11. I'm so glad I finally think you're awesome.

I mean, we have our ups and downs but I do actually like you.

12. I apologize for making you wear a thong.

I know it's not the most comfortable thing in the world - but you have to admit it has worked wonders for your wardrobe game.

13. You are my milkshake - and you do bring boys to the yard

I only like a few of the boys you brought over here, but still, I appreciate it.

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