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Now, if you have been following my blog over the last 10 days you will know kaz wrote about her training with me on the last day. She wrote about how some days were not particular easy & yes we had tears & struggles - That was totally my fault (not in a bad way - id never hurt kaz, more in a realization way).... I am possibly the most Honest & truthful trainer there is & I know as below there are a lot of us out there who share the same view. I believe you have to be !!

I would expect my Trainer to be honest with me even if I didn't want to hear it. I always make sure that if I am training with someone I treat them the same way as I would want to be treated, it's amazing how much mutual respect you can build by this as your client knows that when you say ''well done'' you really mean it & its not just because your paying them or you are just being nice & polite.

See what your thought about this article below:

Have you ever had a personal trainer or instructor and been frustrated with the results?

Teaching fitness can be a tricky game because while you need to be honest with the client, but there's a fine line between "being honest" and "being so honest that the client gets offended and stops coming".

Many trainers struggle with this dilemma. We asked around the community and came up with these 14 things things that trainers wish they could say to you - but sometimes just can't.


1. "Paying my training fee will not make you instantaneously hot."

"Showing up for a workout is not the same as working out," says Amie Hoff, a personal trainer and fitness consultant in NYC. "Most people don't see results because they think simply going to the gym is enough," adds Ricardo Vargas of Barry's Bootcamp in Hollywood. "It's not. Once you show up, you've got to put the f****n phone down and go to work." "You can't change a leopard's spots - you can't force [a client] to change. They have to be willing to make that change," agrees Sarah Machacek, a coach and personal trainer.

2. "What you really need is a dietician."

"You can't make up for what you eat or drink by going to the gym," says Catharine Basu, owner of Fit Armadillo in Houston. "Most people eat mindlessly, and junk," adds Sarah. "That is why they are not seeing results and get frustrated. They think exercise is the "magic" formula to 'erase' the junk. Moving the body and sweating is only part of the formula."

3. "You can't run your body like you run your business."

"This is to my female clients/friends that work way too much and don't take care of themselves," says Jennifer Casseta, martial artist and creator of Stilettos and Self Defense. "You work all day and night, sleep a few hours, and don't feed or nourish your body, setting yourself up for hormonal imbalances. Then you expect your body to perform at 100% and to just give you a baby when you say you're ready for it. It doesn't work that way."

4. "You don't need me forever."

"OK, sometimes I do tell my clients this," says Catherine. "However, it's true. I'd love to be someone's cheerleader for life, but what I love even more is when my clients can fly on their own."

5. "I'm not a poor man's therapist."

"A lot of people gain weight because they are emotional eaters," continues Catherine. "When they hire a trainer, they have a lot of issues besides their weight. You may want to hire [an actual professional] to talk out those problems so we can focus on your routine in the gym!"

6. "Working out with me doesn't mean I sprinkled fairy dust on your food..."

"...and you can now go eat whatever you want," continues Amie. "I don't have a magic wand to make the weight fall off. I can lead you on the right path but cannot make those food choices for you at 10 pm on a Saturday night," says Holly Del Rosso, an NYC trainer.

7. "I am a professional, not a friend-for-hire."

A lot of trainers put up with this because, well, clients pay the bills. But it can be a major downer to have a client who's more interested in socializing an shooting the shit than actually getting work done. "As much as I love to chat - the 15 minutes we spend talking are taking away from your workout - and YOU KNOW IT," says trainer Diana Newton of FitMix in Los Angeles. "For those who like a good conversation while working out: multi-tasking is over-rated. It usually means that nothing gets done well! If we use the 'talk test' for heart rate monitoring, [the ability] to say more than 3 words easily means you are not working at your optimal level," notes Janna Lowell, an LA-based fitness pro.

8. "Everybody wants to work out, but not many want to work."

"The most important factor in achieving results from exercise, especially as it pertains to muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness, is the intensity of effort," says Mike Creamer, a Crossfit coach. "But given the choice, most people will choose 'more' exercise over 'harder' exercise, even when it is less effective."

9. "Woman, your fear of heavy weights is asinine."

This is one of the biggest pet-peeves of the modern instructor. Women seem to have a crippling and un-founded fear of lifting something heavy enough that it will actually break down their muscle fibres (hint: If you don't break muscle fibres, you're wasting your time. Yay science.) Check out 7 Reasons Women Should Lift Heavy Weights.

10. "You are not injured. You are lazy."

Many folks use injury as a crutch (intentionally or unintentionally) to avoid physical exertion. Injuries are not to be taken lightly, but after working with a client for a while, most trainers know the difference between an actual injury and a phantom one. It's a huge challenge to help clients over this mental block without aggravating them or making them feel unsafe.

11. "You don't need that modification anymore."

"It's now a choice/excuse you are making, instead of a necessity," says Diana.

12. "I know when you aren't telling me the truth."

"I know if you aren't following the meal and exercise plan I created for you. I know when you're lying about how much you worked out or your diet. Lying makes me wonder if you really want to work for your dream body," says Holly.

13. "Flirting does not burn calories."

Yeah, your trainer may be (with higher than average probability compared to the general population) a hottie patottie. But you hired them as a trainer, not an escort. It can be disrespectful and kind of a downer to the trainer if you show up at sessions and treat him/her like a human-sized piece of sexcandy.

14. "You have someone poisonous in your life."

"I've seen a lot of clients get awesome results then lose it all on account of a bad relationship," says Ricardo."Perhaps the partner is insecure or doesn't work out and doesn't want their partner to work out, so the clients stops coming and loses motivation. You should always work out for YOU and you alone. Never for anyone else."


What did we miss? Trainers, what would you like to tell your clients?

Do you recognize any of these ?

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