15 BY 30 - Full Body 30 Minute AMRAP

Here's a great one for you all wishing to add some resistance and weight in your routine and get a total body burn in 30 minutes!

This is the 15 By 30 Workout! Set your stopwatch for 30 minutes. You will complete 15 reps of each exercise below. Go through the 6 exercises as many times as possible in the 30 minutes. Your score is total completed sets PLUS any additional reps you get in of the next round!  


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Don't cheat yourself. Keep form spot on and go at your level. If doing dumbbell thrusters with 7.5 pounds is a piece of cake for you, INCREASE the weight! When I complete this workout, I use a 26pound Kettlebell for the swings, 15 pound dumbbells for the  thrusters, 20lb dumbbells for the bench press and hold a 25pound plate overhead when doing the walking lunges. I do have to decrease the weight for the walking lunges after the first couple rounds, but I still use a challenging weight for me and my level.

If you don't have a kettlebell, use a dumbbell for the swings. If you don't have a TRX, then do bent over rows, reverse pull ups or regular/assisted pull ups. Fo the bench press, if you don't have a challenging enough weight, do decline push ups, or regular push ups. Same for walking lunges. Improvise. Maybe you have a backpack laying around you can fill with books! Use that as your heavy weight for the lunges and swings!

Would love to hear how you like the workout! Comment below or reach out to me on my Facebook page! Good luck!

15 BY 30 Full Body 30 Minute AMRAP

15x Kettlebell Swings

15x Dumbbell Thrusters

15x TRX Row

15x Hand Release Burpees

15x Bench Press

15x Walking Lunges (on each leg holding weight overhead) Kettlebell swings

Dumbbell Thursters

TRX Row (OR Reverse Pull Up, Bent Over row, pull up, or assisted pull up)

Hand Release

Bench Press

Walking Lunges with Overhead DB/Weight Hold

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