15 Clear Signs You're Giving More To A Friendship Than You Are Getting Out Of It

Have you ever had that terrible, creeping, unsettling feeling that your friend doesn't really care all that much about you or your life. If you feel like all you do is give, you may be right. Read on to see if you can spot anything familiar: 1. You show up to things they ask you to show up to. You do favours when they ask but you know better than to ever expect the same in return. They always have an excuse on hand. 2. They are happy for you BUT.... This is the type of friend who shares your joy but is quick to temper your celebration by reminding you of troubles you may now face down the road. 3. You don't share the same interests and you rarely agree with what they say but you don't bother speaking up because the argument that would follow isn't worth the energy. 4. You  know a lot about your friend's family and ask about them often but you are tight lipped when it comes to your own clan. 5. People seek you out for advice because you are a good listener. We all know who we can trust and rely on. If you think about who you would turn to for advice, this person isn't on the list. 6. You assume everyone is as loyal as you are but are often disappointed. You stand up for your friends but it is obvious not everyone does the same. 7. When they invite you to an event, they insist they need you there. When you invite them, you are relieved they didn't show up and you didn't have to entertain them. 8. You always pay. 9. You have friend groupings you've been holding on to since childhood. You are stretched thin in terms of the people you need to see and the plans you need to make but there is always someone who doesn't understand. 10. You are always the one who initiates plans. It is like pulling teeth to get them to commit to planning anything. 11. Even when life is falling apart around you, your most high maintenance friends make you feel like you've got it all together. You end up putting your problems on hold to help them draft a new life course. 12. When you invite them somewhere that doesn't appeal right away, they automatically have plans. When you invite them somewhere they want to be seen, they wouldn't miss it for the world. 13. You spend most of your social life in transit because everything is always centered at a location that is convenient for them. You get guilted into doing what works for them. 14. It never occurs to them to ask how your birthday was, how you're liking your new job, or how you like your new apartment. 15. They don't make an effort with your significant other. They never bother to meet or try to get to know anyone you have dated. A good friend welcomes a new. SO! A selfish friend doesn't like that it isn't about them. If you see yourself on this list, time to toughen up and let em go! You don't need that drama. There are plenty of friends out there who deserve you. Wouldn't you agree? h/t: Thought Catalog

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