15 Couple Types That Everyone Knows

Couples come in a variety of shades and some are instantly recognizable. Here is a list of 15 couple types compiled by Cosmopolitan that you are guaranteed to know: 1. The Alpha Couple: This couple owns it. They both have highly specialized jobs that require advanced degrees. They have a boat. They moved to the city but still manage to keep in touch. When they have a child, it will have an awesome name like "Parker." They are a lovely couple and there is nothing wrong with them beyond that hearing about their lives makes you feel inadequate. 2. The Couple That Does Everything First: They are the first to get engaged. First to marry. First to have a kid. They are winning a race no one else is running. 3. The Crazy In Love Couple: These guys take up your entire social network feed. They love each other but would rather tell everyone else than one another. 4. The Why Are You Still Together Couple: It must be the sex. They have to have great sex because you cannot see any other reason for them to still be together. They fight and break up all the time only to get back together and do it all over again. They both look sad all the time. 5. The Ghost Couple: They started dating and then disappeared. You have verification that they are still alive. But they will never hang out with you again. 6. Your Double Date Couple: They may not be your best friends but collectively they are the couple you can tolerate the most. They're both pretty okay. 7. The Hobby Lovers: This couple is really into camping. Or hiking. Or crossfit. It is their 'thing.' You are suspicious that if one of them suddenly gave up the activity, they would have nothing in common and have to part ways. 8. The Long Distance Couple: One of them lives in town so you feel guilty when you don't invite them to couples' events. You feel even worse when you do and they are a third wheel. 9. The Way Too Chill Couple: They barely hang out together. They don't even spend holidays together. You're pretty sure they go long periods of time without even speaking to each other. But it works for them. 10. The Total Mismatch: Nothing wrong with this couple, they are just an odd match. One likes to party, the other likes to stay home and read. Or one has conservative political leanings while the other is crazy liberal. One is friendly, one is grumpy. 11. The Couple That Will Never Get Married: This couple is always 22 years old. Their idea of a couples vacation is spring break. Why grow 'old' when you don't have to? 12. The They Must Be Robots Couple: This couple is too perfect for words. They are always having romantic, candle lit dinners and surprising each other with presents. It is like it is their first month of dating when they've been together for years. They are a total romance novel fantasy couple. 13. The Well Sexed Couple: Whenever you come over, you always get the feeling that they've just finished having sex. When you leave, you feel like they will start doing it before they've even finished locking the door. They are always glowy. 14. The Couple That Knows Everyone: They know all people within a 5 mile radius. When you need something done, they 'know a guy.' They host a lot of parties and when you start to think about it, you know most of your friends through them. 15. The Couple That Hates Kids: You know they hate kids because each and every time one of your friends gets pregnant, they announce that they hate children and are never having them. They plan to be cool and carefree until the day they die. They are always doing cool things that people with children can never do. Do you see yourself on this list? Someone you know? Share with us! Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_99387" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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