15 Food Bummers That Crush Your Spirit Every Time

Food, food, food. We all know it's essential, but that's not always why we think about it. Food is GOOD. There are so many kinds, with so many flavours, colours and various other attributes. We can't help ourselves from thinking about food all day long. From what's for breakfast to what's for dinner, it just feels like the topic of conversation that's never wrong to have. However, with the good comes the bad, like when you wake up and concoct the perfect smoothie in your head to make for breakfast, only to find the main ingredient has gone bad. It's a total bummer. With that said, here are 10 of the biggest food bummers: 1. Soda that's flat. 2. Undercooked or even soggy French fries. 3. Opening an avocado to find that it's brown inside. What a waste of money. 4. When you thought you picked out the perfect container of strawberries at the store, only to find a moldy one smack dab in the middle when you get home.
Here are some of the biggest food bummers.
5. When you waste a ton of time peeling an orange only to find that it's undesirably dry. 6. Milk that goes bad after just one day. 7. Opening a bag of chips only to discover that they're either completely crushed, or that most of the bag is simply air. 8. When you can't wait to open a bottle of wine, but upon doing so, the cork breaks and you have to do some strange maneuver to get as much of it out as possible, only to find your glass has floating cork in it after all that work. [bctt tweet="15 Food Bummers That Crush Your Spirit Every Time"]
Here are some of the biggest food bummers.
9. Chewing gum that's stale. 10. When you get excited to break apart a Kit Kat bar, only to open the package and find it's already broken. 11. When the meat you just purchased smells strange. 12. Ketchup that is off-brand. Let's be serious ... it's Heinz or bust!
Here are some of the biggest food bummers.
13. When you find that your creamer is spoiled, only after pouring it into your coffee. 14. When the place you always get your iced coffee screws up and gives you a watery one. 15. Popcorn that's stale. Can you relate to any of these?
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