15 Great Ways to Change Up Your Daily Routine

Here are 15 Great Ways to Change Up Your Daily Routine - because the sleeper must awaken.

1. Mix it up at the beginning – Right off the bat, you should change up your order. So this could mean, the time you wake up. For instance, eat breakfast before you take a shower or put your clothes on and then brush your teeth. Whatever it may be, something to throw yourself off your tedious routine in the morningis what you want.

2. Do something memorable each day – This is imperative. You want to make each day different, and so you want to make sure you do something that will make each day different and stand out from the rest. If you haven’t talked to an old friend in a while, maybe today is the day or perhaps it’s been quite some time since you’ve picked up a book. Well now is the chance to finally crack it open. Remember the goal is to make today memorable.  

3. Say Yes to something you would normally say No to – Take a chance that you normally wouldn’t. This is a great way to surprise yourself and not only change your routine but change your habits. Take a little risk. Order that new dish you normally wouldn’t at a restaurant or try a new activity you normally wouldn’t. Whatever it is, make sure it’s differentand then do it!  

4. Give your self a pep talk before you start the day – Tell yourself that today will be different. Today, you will embark on a new journey and create memories for yourself and others. Tell yourself that you won’t just be another unenthusiatic, lackluster person who does the same things every single day of their lives. Be different and be proud!  

5. Do a surprise deed – This is a good way to not only surprise yourself but surprise someone you know. Perhaps buy flowers for someone in your family or get chocolates for your little cousins. Write a letter to a friend or do a favor for someone else. Anything to bring a smile to their face and yours.  

6. Tell someone new how much you love them – How long has it been since you’ve told your loved ones how much you truly them? Take the time to tell them if they’ve forgotten. Tell someone you wouldn’t expect to hear from you how much you mean to them. Make sure it’s a new person every-time and watch how this simple little gesture will make their day.  

7. Relax for a change - One of the problems with routines is that they force the person to work for a certain number of hours and force them to occupy their time with the same tasks each day. Well, skip the tasks and maybe even stop working for a little bit and just relax. Give yourself adequate time to recharge and re energize yourself instead of becoming fully drained from the entire day and having to sleep through the night. Just relax a little.  

8. Wear colors you wouldn’t normally wear – Be spontaneous. Try wearing a new color of clothing you normally wouldn’t. If you barely ever wear yellow, then wear yellow. If you normally wear dull, solid colors then wear something bright that will make you standout a little (obviously not too much). The point is to stray away from the same patterns of clothing you normally wear.  

9. Change your hairstyle – This goes hand in hand with the clothing. How long have you had your hairstyle? More than a few months or even possibly years. Time to change it up. Maybe try spiking it a little or perhaps a slick back look would work. Experiment in the mirror and make sure it looks good and more importantly different.  

10. Take a different route to your daily destination – Takeing the same road to your daily destination can be as uninteresting as it can get. Instead, try a different route today. It might be a slightly longer, but you’ll get to experience a different road, different sights as well a brand new route you can now take on occasions.

11. Sleep at a time you wouldn’t normally sleep – If you sleep at a certain time every day, then it’s time to change it up. Break out of the routine! and sleep at a different time. Maybe earlier or maybe later, it’s all up to you. Just make sure you change it up.  

12. Change the time you eat – Most people usually eat breakfast from seven to nine, lunch from noon to two and dinner from five to nine. Who says you have to follow these guidelines? Maybe eat what you would eat for breakfast at dinner or perhaps eat your lunch for breakfast. Eat your breakfast later than you would or eat you dinner earlier than you would. It’s all about changing up the routine. You’ll be surprised at how these small changes can have a huge impact on your daily routine.  

13. Eat something new – There are so many variations of foods and dishes out there, and yet we limit ourselves. Most of us don’t go outside our food circle and rarely if ever do we even attempt to try new dishes. Well, now is a better time than ever. Look up a new dish, find the ingredients and make it! or perhaps purchase a new type of food. This doesn’t just apply to meals, you can try new candy bars, cereals, chips, drinks, shakes, ice cream flavors and many more!  

14. Watch the sunset instead of the TV – I’m sure you find time to watch a little television in your daily routine. Why not switch that up as well? Watch something else, something amazing, perhaps like the sunset. It’s probably been a while since you last gazed at the beauty of a sunset and simply just admired it. So do yourself a favor and put down the remote. You’ll be happy that you did

15. Reward Yourself - It’s time to give back a little. Do something for yourself for a change. You might be working so hard but never give yourself the time or the rewards you deserve. Pamper yourself a little. Make sure you know thatyour being appreciated.

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I want Chang my daily routine Or my habets.
Because I want Sam thing New in my life.

Patrick k Mbukuqu February 13, 2021

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