15 Habits Every Girl In Her 20's Needs To Stop (Or Start) Doing Immediately

Self love is hard. We're also our own worst critics. That's why it's time to get in the habit of showing yourself some love - no matter what your age. Here are some habits you need to make or break ASAP.

1. Stop caring what your size is.

For the love of God, please stop caring what your clothing size is because it truly does not matter. Stop caring about what the number says and focus on how you feel in the clothes. If you need to, cut the tags out.

2. Stop comparing your body to other women's.

Your body has amazing things that only your body has. Someone being smaller or larger than you has nothing to do with how great you are.

3. Compliment instead of criticize when you pass a mirror

It's so easy to get in the habit of immediately pointing out your flaws when you get in front of a mirror, so go radically in the other direction and compliment yourself every time you look into one, even if it's just on the awesome outfit you're rocking.

4. Stop dating people who say they don't go down on women.

We're all told by movies and music and TV that we need to give blow jobs or else we're horrible human beings, and we're still letting guys get away with this nonsense when it comes to going down on us? Nope. Nope forever.

5. Stop dating people who make you feel bad about yourself.

Your partner should make you feel like the hottest, smartest, coolest person on the planet. Seriously. Number one. It's you. Forever. If they do anything less than this, I promise you, you will never regret letting them "get away."

6. Let yourself eat dessert when you want to

If it helps you moderate - go for it! Never apologize for what you love. Why? Because dessert is great and everybody knows it.

7. Start asking for raises.

You might not always get them but getting into the habit of asking for them will help you so much in the long run, and will also give you valuable experience in the right and wrong ways of asking so you can finally get the job and salary of your dreams.

8. Save for a rainy day and also a great vacation.

Yes, of course, you want to be prepared that if anything happens you're financially able to take care of yourself, but you also want to be able to, you know, actually enjoy the reason you're working all the time. And that reason of course is "beaches exist."

9. Stop buying clothes made out of garbage just because they're cheap.

Sometimes it's nice just to buy things and we've all seen something that was kind of alright and only $5, so we bought it. Instead, pass up all those opportunities and use that money for a really fantastic dress or a really gorgeous piece of jewelry you'll wear every day that won't turn your finger green That's so much better.

10. Stop being ashamed to tell guys you have your period.

I hate to break it to you but the jig is up. They know. They've been told about periods. I don't know who told them, but someone did. Maybe it was an ex-girlfriend or a sister, but someone leaked this info and they know we menstruate. So stop feeling weird about telling him you don't want to go out tonight because you "don't feel well" or "feel weird." You have your period, (again, a thing he knows exists) and it's OK to talk about it. Any guy who can't hear that is intensely weird.

11. Develop a skin care routine that makes you feel pretty and not like a project.

I don't care if it's smiling at yourself in the mirror while applying moisturizer, you need to start taking care of yourself in a way that feels like pampering and not like fixing. Slathering on creams and serums because you feel like you're not good enough without them is very different from slathering on creams and serums because they make you feel like a cute, soft, fancy lady.

12. Trust that what your body is telling you is right.

We're often taught by parents, friends, media to only eat at meal times or to stop eating once we've had a certain number of calories, but it's really true that if you eat when you're hungry, truly hungry, and don't when you're not, everything usually balances out. Trust yourself!

13. Find a form of exercise you actually like

No one wants it to feel like a chore. If you can find some kind of exercise that you like doing, even if it's walking or biking instead of driving, do it and do it now because after 30, you can lose as much as 3 to 5 percent of your muscle mass per decade if you don't. Keep your muscles, girl!

14. Actually tell your partner what your sexual fantasies are.

It feels awkward as hell, but you'll never get to do them if you don't start talking about them. Plus, if you think about it, aren't you dying to know theirs? There's no way their not dying to know yours.

15. Tell the people who matter that you love them.

Like all the time. Like as much as humanly possible. Because people should hear those words every single day from at least one person. Why not have that person be you?   H/T: Cosmo

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