15 Hairstyling Hacks Every Woman Needs To Know

If you find yourself running late most mornings, you know how much a simplified routine could help. For most of us, the bulk of our daily prep time is spent on our hair. Wouldn't it be great if you had some hacks to save you time AND make you look great. Yeah, we've got you covered!

1. How to use a flat iron to curl your hair

9c7b9d21-eaf3-415b-ab52-47502381802b Twist your hair around the flat iron and glide through. Perfect waves every time!

2. Regularly clean out your hair brushes

c388016d-0a44-4f5d-b311-a9ff1c26d273 This will help remove product residue and keep your hair strong and healthy!

3. Tame flyaways using hairspray and a toothbrush

c5f7f4dc-0e66-44d8-9894-b20c15733fe9 Coat the bristles of a toothbrush in hairspray and run it through your hair. Problem solved.

4. The right way to use a bobby pin:

4805db22-6fa2-4720-9c24-4db7815fdb42 Mind. Blown.

5. Learn which brush works best for you

a81c06c9-97fd-41d7-a6fa-cf622cd2fe64 Mystery solved.

6. Want crazy colour but are scared to commit?

2834a391-a177-449e-9456-f983c2ccadbe Give hair chalk a go. It washes out in the shower.

7. Save on time in the morning by only washing your bangs

55218721-b0a3-4261-9956-a20a0e9596f2 It is okay to cut corners once in a while. Section off your hair, wash your bangs in the sink and suddenly your hair will be refreshed and appear less greasy. [bctt tweet="15 Hairstyling Hacks Every Woman Needs To Know"]

8. Set your hair using the cool setting on your hair dryer

a2b8b978-99dd-46a0-887b-ec578a717d1f If wondered what that setting was for, wonder no more.

9. 3, minute hair styles!

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10. Braided Head Wrap


11. Scarf Wrapped Low Bun

526892a2-d8a1-45df-b801-2ac735b805f4 Tie your hair in a low bun and wrap with your favourite scarf!

12. A 20-second up-do

10e9cacd-6b54-44cf-a3db-4ecbef020e7e Split, tie, twist, and pin.

13. Split Hair Curl

77df0fa7-d295-4c8b-aca0-c54c705c8fb6 Well, that is genius!

14. Dry and Style with a hot air brush

a6616bf8-d364-4607-99e1-4abe0c873444 ddfb0b02-bc4b-4690-87b7-f0b9a8d0d65a

15. If all else fails, throw a hat on it!

2ffa1bd6-0753-493e-ac51-f0361071cffb What are your favourite hair hacks? Source: Diply

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