15 Insane Things That Happened At Kylie's 18th Birthday Bash!

The baby sister Kardashian is growing up and out of her teen years! Kylie Jenner just turned 18, and her b-day was one for the books! Here are 15 wild things that happened during Ky's big day: 1) Kylie visited a children's hospital where she brought care packages for patients.  2) Ky died her hair platinum blonde. Big sis Kim has already pulled that one! blonde kylie jenner 3) BF Tyga gave Kylie a $320,000 Mercedes.  4) Tyga also gave a special birthday shoutout to his boo on Instagram.  5) Zayn Malik stopped in to the party.  6) Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas were also on the guest list.  7) So. Many. Selfies.  kim kourtney khloe 8) Kylie's celebrations started at the Nice Guy Restaurant.  9) The entourage then moved on to the Bootsy Bellows, a chic club that involves a mix of DJs, burlesque dancers and puppets.  10) On her actual birthday, Kylie posted a sexy, artsy and colourful photoshoot to her Instagram which make anyone's 18th birthday snaps look embarrassing.  photoshoot celebrity 11) She got a Birkin!  12) She also got a sweet and traditional cake with candles.  13) Older brother Rob Kardashian snubbed Kylie's celebrations.  14) Tyga won boyfriend of the year by serenading Kylie with a romantic performance.  15) Caitlyn Jenner was a part of the girls night out festivities and proud of her young daughter.  caitlyn jenner What is your most memorable birthday story? Share with us! Source: Cosmopolitan Do you follow us on Instagram?
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