15 Minute Workout

Some days are hectic and finding time to fit in a workout can cause more stress than the workout itself will relief.  So, quit stressing and take 15 minutes to do this tabata style fat incinerating workout and then go on about your day.  There are no weights required and can be done in a space as small as your office or the wide open spaces of your local gym.  The goal of this is to work as hard as you possibly can for 20 seconds then rest for 10.  Complete as many  cycles of the following four exercises in the 15 minutes allowed.

1) Squat

2) Push-up

3) Alternating Lunge

4) Plank

Do these with or without weights at your own discretion.  For more advanced movements elevate your feet on the push-up and add shoulder taps with the plank.  Tabata training has been proven to improve endurance, increase strength, and shock muscles for greater hypertrophy.

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