15 Minutes to Blast Your Abs

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm more than a little obsessed with ab workouts. One of the best things that happens to me in a normal day at the gym is a surprise 15 minute break between my clients. Why, might you ask? Because I can fit in a mini ab sesh, of course! (I know. I'm weird) So....have 15 minutes? Great. Let's do this! What you need:
  • bodyweight
  • mat
Structure: perform each exercise listed below with no more than 15 seconds rest between each. Repeat entire circuit 1-3 times with 30 seconds rest between circuits. In and Outs - 30 reps Kristin-WM (6 of 198) Kristin-WM (7 of 198) Kristin-WM (8 of 198)Begin with both arms above your head and knees bent and lifted as shown. Tighten your core, lean back and fully stretch you legs to create a wide "V" shape with your body. Bring it back to your starting pose and repeat!  Tip: Feel free to place your hands at your side on the ground for extra support until you build up strength V-Up Roll Ups - 15 reps Kristin-WM (9 of 198) Kristin-WM (13 of 198)Kristin-WM (10 of 198) Kristin-WM (11 of 198) Kristin-WM (9 of 198)Begin laying flat on your back, arms extended towards the ceiling. Roll up and forward to touch your toes, keeping your legs on the ground. Slowly roll your back down on to the floor. As you do this, lift your legs off the ground. Once you've found a half "V", squeeze that core and lift your back off the ground to create a full "V" position with your body. Lower both your body and legs simultaneously to the starting position once again. Scissor Kicks - 30 reps Kristin-WM (14 of 198) Kristin-WM (15 of 198) Kristin-WM (16 of 198)Kristin-WM (17 of 198)Lay on your back to start with both feet flexed and hands at your sides. Keeping your feet flexed, raise one leg to a 90 degree angle, keeping your leg as stretched as possible. Slowly and with control switch legs (this means both legs will be off the ground!) Once you begin, neither leg should touch the ground until your reps are finished. Tip: if you find that your low back starts to ache - make a diamond shape with your thumbs and index fingers and place your hands under your bum at your tailbone for added support Bicycles - 15 rotations per direction (30 total) Kristin-WM (21 of 198) Kristin-WM (22 of 198)Kristin-WM (23 of 198)Begin in a V sit position, hands on the ground slightly in front of you (not holding you up!). Lifting both legs off the ground and keeping feet flexed, make a large circular rotation with your legs. Make sure to fully extend your leg to a stretched position, leading with your heel, just like you're pedalling a bike. Tip: If you're finding the V sit position too challenging at first, don't be afraid to lay flat on on your back until you build up more strength. Reverse Crunches - 30 reps Kristin-WM (24 of 198) Kristin-WM (25 of 198) Begin with your back flat on the ground and both legs raised at a 90 degree angle (or as close as you can get) with feet flexed.  Keeping your feet flexed, send your heels skyward and lift your low back and butt off the ground. The goal is to go straight up and down. No swinging your legs back and forth! Tip: If flexibility is an issue, you can bend your knees slightly. Just don't forget to keep those feet flexed! Repeat this little circuit up to 3 times for optimal ab blasting! You only get 30 seconds rest between each circuit round so stretch wisely! Still want more? Eliminate the rest time between each exercise and feel the burn!                

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