15 Reasons To Say Thank You This Father's Day

This Father's Day I wanted to give thanks. I recognize how blessed I am to have a husband who loves me, 3 kids under 5 who keep me busy 24/7, and a life that I love. I am extremely fortunate to be able to be a stay at home mom with my 3 kiddos, and still have the flexibility to train my clients and teach my classes that I love to do. It also keeps me sane and connected to the outside world. Whether you're a stay at home mom or a working mother, we do a lot. We all know that, it's no secret. But today, it's all the men in our lives. Come this Father's Day, like many other women out there, I wanted to say thank you to my man for being a wonderful dad to our 3 children, and an amazing loving husband to me. Our children learn different things from their moms and dads about life. I love being able to give my children the love and the nurturing that I do, but there are just certain things a father can share with his kids that are just beautiful to witness. Something that I hope my children will always remember. Something that I hope will keep them close to their father for the years to come.

15 Reasons I am Saying Thank You This Father's Day:

  1. Thank you for working hard for us, and keeping a roof over our head.
  2. Thank you for being a good leader in our home.
  3. Thank you for showing the girls your love for the outdoors, and the fun in getting your hands a little dirty.
  4. Thank you for running around and playing hide and seek with them even when you are dead tired.
  5. Thank you for helping with bedtime. Especially when no one wants to go down.
  6. Thank you for letting the kids use you like a jungle-gym.
  7. Thank you for watching hours of cartoon movies with the kids on the weekend.
  8. Thank you for spending time with the girls making large lego buildings and cities.
  9. Thank you for showing the girls how to throw a football, and your love of sports and encouraging them in their endeavors.
  10. Thank you for changing the stinkiest of diapers even though you have a SEVERE gag reflex that I can hear while you change them.
  11. Thank you for surprising us every once in a while with fun gifts and special treats that we all enjoy.
  12. Thank you for helping out with all 3 kids when I came home from the hospital after delivering them, and was in pain and couldn't really do anything for a couple weeks.
  13. Thank you for taking the kids out on a sunny day and giving me some time to relax at home in a quiet house.
  14. Thank you for still thinking I'm "So HOT I could melt all this stuff," even when I don't feel that way AT ALL.
  15. Thank you for loving me, and teaching them that the most important thing in life is 'family'.

And no matter HOW many times I see this, it still reminds me of you and how you really do know how to live the "DAD LIFE" 24/7 365. Here's to a bright future and many more memories for us all to share! I love you and here's to wishing you and all you other wonderful dad's out there a Happy Father's Day!

Do you want to give thanks to that special someone in your life on Father's Day? Whether it's your own dad, husband or anyone who is like a father to you or your children?

Share and add what you are thankful for!


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