15 Reasons Women Love The Dad Bod

Society may say it is unhealthy, people may be trying to shame it, basically, we're supposed to hate it. But we don't. We women love dadbods not for what they can be but for what they are. Here is why women love the dad bod:

1. You don’t feel the need to compete with him

Dating a dad bod means you don't need to feel guilty of you have a "fall of the wagon" when it comes to your diet kind of day.

2. It makes you feel better about yourself

You don't ever have to worry that there is a 'clear hot one' in the relationship and it isn't you. You can live your life the way you want without the fear that your partner is doing it better.

3. He won’t complain about your lack of tits

He has his own.

4. You won’t be worried that he’s going to cheat on you with someone hotter

The odds that he ends up with someone way hotter than you are pretty low. Unless there is some really hot girl out there with crazy low self esteem, you're good. The dad bod is your security blanket.

5. It’s way more fun to cuddle with

Cuddling with one makes you feel warm and mushy inside. You know, just like the dad bod

6. He’ll never body shame you

The dad bod levels the playing field. He'll never make harsh remarks about your belly because he's got one too.

7. He knows how to have fun

A guy with a dad bod doesn't get caught up in counting calories or restrict himself from letting loose. He knows how to eat AND drink.

8. You both aren’t superficial

He isn't concerned with his appearance, or yours. Or really anyone else's for that matter. He focuses on personality. Not amount of diet can cure 'jerk.'

9. It’s always a surprise when he gets naked

You can never quite tell what he will look like when he takes his shirt off. Not being able to anticipate exactly how he will feel is sexy, exciting and always a pleasant surprise.

10. You have something to hold onto

Who doesn't like the weight of a man on top? Seriously? It sounds cliché but the dad bod give you more to love.

11. You know what he’ll look like in 20 years

There is something to be said for a consistent look. The bod he has now, will likely be the bod he has later. You know what you're signing up for in the long haul.

12. You can talk about something other than diet and fitness

You and dad bod have so much in common that doesn't include gym memberships. And you never have to do those couple things like running together.

13. He fills out a suit nicely

A man in a suit is sexy. A dad bod in a suit is orgasmic. There is a reason blazers and jackets are cut boxy.

14. You don’t judge each other

He respects you just as you are and you do the same. And what's best, if someone every tries to cut you down, he'll come out swinging.

15. You can have pizza together

Is there anything more romantic than splitting an entire pizza? We don't want someone who is going to order kale, we want a double stuffed cheese pizza and a man who will lick the sauce from our chin. How can you be a couple if you can't just let it all go together?

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